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How to Use Snapchat to Tell the Story Behind Your Next Job Fair

Snapchat for Staffing Firms | Haley Marketing Group
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If you need additional convincing on the benefits of Snapchat, these three resources can serve as supplemental reading:

  1. Snapchat reaches 41% of all 18 to 34 year-olds in the United States
  2. Global brands like Gatorade, Spotify and Kraft continue to see major success using Snapchat as an integral part of their overall marketing campaign
  3. Sprite Snapchat campaign reaches 2 million views in 1 day

Both global brands and local companies with smaller marketing budgets are seeing success with Snapchat. That much is certain. So how can the staffing industry expand on Snapchat ideas and concepts from the playbook of other industries.

The Step by Step Guide for Using Snapchat to Dominate Your Next Job Fair

If you are the marketing manager of your staffing company, or just the internal team member tasked with “figuring out Snapchat”, your first task is to download the Snapchat App on your mobile device and create a company account.

Additional Support: Snapchat for Business: A Guide for Marketers on how to setup your account, add friends, build your audience, create snaps and stories, and view analytics.

Once you have setup an account, add some friends, even if it’s just someone in your office, and start becoming more comfortable with the user interface. Send snaps of your team at work, your office, or a weekly meeting. Whatever work related content you send, practice sending pictures and videos until you are truly comfortable. This may take time, but I promise, becoming comfortable with how to use Snapchat is much more important than launching an account and instantly promoting it on other social media platforms. That can come at a later time.

Configuring Your Settings for Maximum Exposure

With Snapchat, and any social platform, the greatest challenge is getting your content seen by the maximum amount of people.

When you setup your company Snapchat account, enable the following settings to proactively make sure as many users as possible see your content.

In SnapchatSettings, set Contact Me and My Story to Everyone. By doing so, you are telling Snapchat that Everyone, not just your friends, can contact you and view your story.

Snapchatters can add friends based on proximity under the Add Nearby feature. So if you are at a job fair or local event, this will maximize the likelihood of users coming across your account. Also, setting your story visible to everyone will allow people that add you as a friend that you might not add back the opportunity to view your story.

Configuring Your Settings to Save Your Snaps

Taking a picture on Snapchat is great, but what if you want to use it somewhere else? Instead of taking the picture and then a screenshot to capture it, we can edit a few Settings to make sure your most important snaps are saved to your camera roll.

Under SettingsMemoriesSave To, you’ll want to select Memories & Camera Roll. Now when you save a Snap it will save to your Memories (within the app) and also to your phone’s Camera Roll for accessing later to share on other platforms.

Another nice feature is Auto-Save Stories. This will enable your stories to save automatically to your memories (in case you forget to download them before 24 hours expires.


Using Snapchat at a Job Fair – Building the Story Behind Your Next 24 Hours

Every Snapchat user can create a story – a 24-hour collection of snaps that a user selects to be featured.

What’s the difference between a regular snap and a story? A snap that you send to a friend is only visible to that one person.

A snap that you send to a friend is only visible to that one person. Stories are compilations of Snaps that create a narrative. Stories honor the true nature of storytelling — Snaps appear in chronological order with a beginning, middle and end.  Your story is a running collection of manually added snaps that delete once they have been active for 24 hours. Unlike a regular snap, your story is visible everyone.

As a staffing and recruiting firm interested in Snapchat, I would argue that 99% of the snaps you take should be featured on your story. This will not only make your brand appear active on a consistent basis, but it will also give your audience the opportunity to see your content when they are active on Snapchat.

How can you actively build your 24-hour story to make the most of a job fair?

A 24 Hour Walkthrough: Snapping Your Way Through a Job Fair

5:00pm (Day Before the Job Fair): Announce what’s going to be coming. Prepare your audience for the 24-hour story that they can anticipate.

6:00pm: Introduce the team members that will be active at the job fair. Who will people get to meet if they show up? What should job seekers bring with them? If you go over the 10 second Snapchat limit – that’s okay! Press record and continue the conversation.

9:00am (Day of the Job Fair): Snaps from the Office – showing your team getting ready for the event. Are fliers being packed? Booth displays? Give your audience a behind the scenes look of your team preparing for the day’s event.

12:00pm-3:00pm: Game Time. For the next 3:00 hours periodically snap pictures of attendees, of your team, of your booth. Ask participants questions on camera. What do you find most challenging about your job search? What resources would help you with your job search?

3:30pm: Tear down of your booth. A final wrap-up from the event.

4:30pm: Call-to-Action. Your 24-hour story is about to slowly start expiring. What do you want your audience to do now? Snap you with questions? Contact you if they’re looking for a job? Snap you their job search frustrations? If you think of your story as a presentation this would be your last slide. What do you want your audience to do now?

4:45pm: DOWNLOAD.DOWNLOAD.DOWNLOAD. Your 24-hour story is about to expire. Though we changed the settings for your story to automatically save to your Memories, we don’t want to take any chances and lose it. Navigate to your Story and click the Down Arrow. This will save your 24-hour Snap Story to your Memories and Camera Roll.

5:00pm: Take the downloaded Snap Story and share it on Facebook and Twitter through your company profiles. Repurposing this content is a great way to show your audience that you are active on Snapchat, increasing followers, while also getting extra usage out of the pictures and video you took.

Stay Ahead of Social Media Trends with Social Pro by Haley Marketing Group

With Social Pro by Haley Marketing, one of our skilled Social Media Marketing Advisors will take responsibility for developing your organization’s voice on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. By posting quality content, top jobs, and other branded shareables every day, your firm will be positioned as a premier resource for job seekers and employers within your target market.

Your advisor is also available to answer specific questions about other leading social platforms like Snapchat and Instagram.

Did I mention Social Pro assisted in clients winning two ASA Genius Awards this Year…including a  Grand Award in the Firms With Less Than $7.5 Million in Annual Sales Class?

Don’t run your social media campaign hoping for success…trust the experts to get it right for you. Contact us today to learn how Social Pro can positively impact your staffing firm.

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