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LinkedIn’s New Open Candidate Feature Helps Job Seekers AND Recruiters?

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What if I told you that your LinkedIn profile could send signals to recruiters that you are open to a new job, yet your boss didn’t have to see it?

What if I told you (as a recruiter) that you could find these job candidates on LinkedIn and recruit them?

That’s exactly what LinkedIn Open Candidate provides.

How Does It Work for Job Candidates?

Searching for a new job can be difficult. Active job seekers will be more public about their search, and they are actively applying for a new job. Passive job seekers only want a select few people to know (at most) that they are interested in a new opportunity and (probably) are not going out and applying for jobs. That is the category of job seekers this new feature from LinkedIn really helps. The people who aren’t looking for a new job but if a recruiter calls with a really intriguing opportunity, then they are going to listen.

For any job candidate, navigate to the Preferences tab on the LinkedIn Jobs Page in your LinkedIn profile, fill out some information for this new tool and see what happens!

One tip: Update your full LinkedIn profile with your latest accomplishments. Don’t send out any updates that you modified your profile. Any recruiter who wants to search your profile will have the latest information about your awesome accomplishments.

How Does It Work for Recruiters?

With LinkedIn’s research showing that 90 percent of professionals are open to a new opportunity, recruiters and staffing agencies know that’s a huge database of potential placements.

Having the LinkedIn Recruiter package, you can view candidates who are open to searching for a new job but might not be very public about their declaration. In the search, recruiters can see who is open to new opportunities and more details about what will pique their interest.

Yes, you need to have the LinkedIn Recruiter package (if you don’t already), but that could be a worthwhile investment to your team. In a candidate market, it’s difficult to find skilled candidates to fill your open job orders. Having the capability to access the LinkedIn database and view job candidates who are interested in talking but don’t have time to search could prove to be invaluable for your business.

Every Staffing Company Needs Leads

LinkedIn’s Open Candidate appears to be a great tool for job seekers and recruiters. There are benefits to both sides as job candidates can easily make themselves available to recruiters while recruiters get access to qualified job candidates in a tough recruiting market.

Whether it’s on LinkedIn, through your website, on social media, through pay-per-click advertising or other content marketing strategies, the Haley Marketing Group can help your staffing agency recruit the right talent. Contact us today to get started on implementing the content marketing strategies that are the right fit for your business.

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