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Staffing Industry Marketing Insights: Generating Leads & Busting Myths

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Earlier this year,  we conducted a Sales, Marketing & Recruiting Survey with over 500 staffing industry professionals. Our goal was to answer one simple question:

What works best in recruiting, sales and marketing?

Today, I’m continuing my series of posts dedicated to our survey results, by sharing smart strategies to improve your marketing ROI. If you missed any of the earlier posts, here are the other installments in this series:

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Today, I’m presenting a bit more data about our favorite topic: marketing! Let’s take a look at the next question from this portion of the survey:

The Data: Marketing Tools for Generating Sales Leads

Q1: “How effective is each of the following tools for you in generating sales leads?””

What did the data show? Here are a few key statistics:

  • Similar to the results of our recruiting survey questions, referrals are the best method for generating sales leads, with 40.5% of respondents rating them as “extremely effective.“
  • Other effective sales-lead tools include proactively marketing top candidates through calls (3.41 average rating on a 1 to 5 scale) and email (3.3 average rating on the same scale).
  • Honestly, you can tell by the disbursement on the chart below that most staffing and recruiting firms use a variety of marketing tools to support sales efforts (which is really smart!).



Marketing Takeaways: Busting Myths

Time to dispel a few marketing misconceptions we hear far too often (and which our survey data supports):

  1. First off, despite ranking low in this survey, online advertising (such as PPC) is a cost-effective tool for getting your company to the top of search results—and keeping you top-of-mind with your clients, prospects and candidates. And since staffing decisions are rarely made on the first call, PPC is a great way to strengthen your positioning with prospects, too.
  2. Secondly, direct mail is not dead! With fewer competitors using it, a well-executed campaign is actually more likely than ever to get noticed – and have a big impact. Using direct mail, our clients are closing major accounts (that would not respond to their traditional sales efforts) and increasing the call-to-appointment ratios for the sales reps by 100% or more.
  3. Finally, direct mail does not equal postcards. The most effective campaigns integrate multiple formats of mail, packages, drop off, sales calls, email and social media into a structured process that allows sales people to effectively pursue top prospects.

Up Next: Marketing in Staffing: The Big Disconnect

In my next post we’ll take a look at some eye-opening answers that may explain why some staffing firms’ sales and marketing efforts aren’t as effective as they could be.

Don’t want to wait for the post to publish? You can access complete survey results and insights anytime:


About our 2016 industry survey:

In July and August 2016, we conducted an online survey of staffing industry professionals to find out what works best when it comes to their firms’ sales, marketing and recruiting efforts. The survey was completed by nearly 500 individuals located throughout the U.S. representing a wide range of staffing specialties and company sizes.

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