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Crush Social in 2017 (part 5): Go Bold with Social Media

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The brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than the time it takes for the brain to decode text.

Translation: If you want to reach more people on Facebook (and other leading social platforms) you HAVE to be visually appealing. Need proof? A recent study by Haley Marketing Group found that posts that included an image (instead of a link) reached 22 percent more of our audience.

If you want to stand out on social in 2017, you need to go bold with visuals, CTAs and even video. So in this final installment of my blog series on trends in social, I’ll explain how to push the envelope in the right way.

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Go Bold with Social Media.

Start at the end: your CTA.

Getting people back to your website to consume your content is a large and demanding task. But it’s only step 1 in the process. Step 2? Get them to convert to a qualified candidate or client.

And the best way to do that is by, you guessed it, adding in a strong, eye-catching call to action that entices them to leave their information.

Your call to action should always benefit the end reader. Think: What’s in it for them? Why should they give you their contact information?

Offers for candidates:

Maybe you offer candidates a free resume critique. Or a free conversation on their career. Provide them with an opportunity that will truly impact them and make their time worthwhile.

Offers for clients:

For clients, offer them a free consultation call. Can you find areas where staffing would help them increase productivity without the costly expense of hiring direct employees? What about the benefits of staffing? Offer a free 30-minute conversation with one of your sales representatives to review the benefits of staffing and the true impact it will have on the prospect’s organization.

Experiment with video.

In 2017, staffing and recruiting firms need to have the courage to think outside of the box with their content and behave more like a media company. Your recruiters and sales reps are full of valuable information and resources. Use this to fuel your video strategy.

But what do you share? What type of video should you put together?

How-to Videos

You’re already blogging with how-to in mind. Why not turn these into videos? Every Monday, place one of your recruiters in front of an iPhone and ask them one question. Then…let them talk. Let them rant and offer their honest advice and feedback on the subject.


  • How can job seekers improve their resumes so they actually get read?
  • How can job seekers impress a recruiter in an interview?
  • How can job seekers make the most out of a staffing and recruiting firm?

Live Video

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram all allow for video to be streamed live. At a local event or job fair? Download the social app on your phone and go live. But don’t just show people what you’re looking at — offer commentary! That’s where true value comes.

Most important, answer questions that come in from your community. The best part of live video on social media is getting real-time feedback and questions from your audience. Address people by name and answer their questions, and be the resource they are looking for.

Brainstorm Other Ideas

Have a specific onboarding process for your new candidates? Film one of your recruiters going through the process, so potential candidates can see how efficient and easy the process is — ultimately encouraging them to come in and talk to your team.

Have top candidates or jobs? Have your recruiters discuss the available position — where it’s located, the starting salary, what to expect and the ideal qualifications of a best candidate.

For your top candidates, showcase their skills, qualifications and expertise to potential employers. Use skill marketing to increase job orders and requests for skilled talent.

Don’t abandon email marketing!

It’s one of the most cost-effective marketing tools.

Social media is effective, but it’s only one way to distribute your content and reach your audience. Adding in a supporting email-marketing campaign is a great way to continue to stand out, stay top-of-mind and sell more.

Final thoughts…

In 2017, it is important for staffing and recruiting firms to think bigger picture. Instead of implementing one piece of the puzzle, how could you tie everything together? How could you implement a content strategy and maximize distribution to make sure it reaches as many people as possible? Find out how by reading the full eBook, A Social Media Strategy to Help You Crush 2017.

Need help with your social media and content marketing initiatives this year?

Stay ahead of social media and content marketing trends with Digital Dominance by Haley Marketing Group. This complete bundle gives you everything you need to have an amazing online presence.

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