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The Importance of Ongoing SEO Services in 2017

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SEO is a long game. A very long game. There’s a lot at stake for Google, so they do everything in their power to ensure only the best websites and pages make the top results. If the top results were filled with spam and low-quality content, Google’s user base would slowly disappear. Not long after, the advertisers would seek different opportunities, and before you know it, Google’s primary source of income starts to dwindle. Because of this, Google is constantly updating and tweaking the way their algorithm functions and ranks website quality. They aren’t doing it for any reason other than to protect their own business. Google says jump and webmasters say, “how high?” Google makes the rules, and we have to play by them.

The websites who take an active stance in continuous improvements, optimization, and fresh content creation will show up in the top results. The websites that do one-and-done optimization will eventually see their traffic plateau and then a couple of years down the road drop off because they failed to adapt to an ever-changing SEO world.

SEO Checklist Before Ongoing Services

There is still something to be said for an “initial” SEO. It’s critical to get it right. The initial SEO is designed to get the website to a point, technically, where all of the SEO fundamentals are in place.

In no particular order, the following items need to be true.

  • All of the on-page optimization needs to serve a specific purpose. Who is your ideal visitor and what keywords would they use?
  • The website needs to fast. Does it utilize a CDN (Content Delivery Network) and proper caching?
  • The website needs to be mobile-friendly. Does it have responsive website design?
  • It must take advantage of Accelerated Mobile Pages. Does your audience primarily search on their mobile device? If so, AMP pages are a must.
  • The website should have optimized specialty/practice area pages.
  • The website should also have optimized location pages.
  • All Google+ local listings should be claimed and verified.
  • The website should follow a logical silo structure with top level pages and subpages.

Once all of these fundamentals are handled, we can start to see real growth with continuous tweaks. These are all crucial for both rankings and user experience. From a time standpoint, many people make the mistake of doing link building first or only link building. If you don’t nail the on-page optimization, you’ll be wasting a lot of time chasing links attempting to boost pages that don’t even have a basic foundation in place. You can’t put a roof on a house without walls or a foundation first. The same rule applies for SEO.

Ongoing SEO Service Results

We are currently providing an ongoing SEO service for a client who will remain nameless for the sake of this post. In the past three months, the website has seen a boost of 21.58% in organic traffic. For a website that already receives a lot of organic traffic, this has translated to thousands of additional targeted clicks.

Ongoing SEO Services

If you compare the current organic traffic to this client’s year over traffic, we have seen a 52.19% boost in organic traffic. This improvement is due to the continuous content creation efforts and now our ongoing optimizations and adjustments.

Of course, we can’t guarantee XX% improvement within XX timeframe. However, if the proper game plan is in place, ongoing SEO will undoubtedly increase organic traffic over time. This steady growth in targeted organic traffic should bring in an increased quantity of leads and ultimately business.

Get a quote today, and we’ll put together an SEO strategy that fits your goals!

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