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PPC Monday – When to Consider a Google Remarketing Campaign

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After looking at some broader range PPC concepts during the first three weeks of the PPC Monday series, this week’s post is going to explore a Google Remarketing campaign.

What Is Remarketing Again?

A quick refresher because you know what it is. Remarketing is an online advertising technique to have your ads appear in front of an audience that has a previous connection with your staffing agency. The most common connection in all remarketing comes through website visitors.

The technique comes in placing some programming code on your website. Then, when a visitor reaches your website, the tag “fires” and the visitor’s Internet browser or mobile device receives a cookie. The firing of that tag puts the website visitor into your eligible audience. (We won’t get into it today, but there are some really cool ways to break down those visitors. For example, we could only target specific ads to visitors to the Job Board vs. visitors to the Employers page).

Another really effective option for staffing agencies is to use a remarketing technique and target the people in your candidate database. Export those email addresses, upload them into Google and see how many match. If the email address in your candidate database matches their Google account, they will appear in your potential audience.

When do they see your ads? On the 2 million websites Google partners with on its Display Network. That’s why they seem to be everywhere.

Which Business Goals Do a Google Remarketing Campaign Meet?

Great question because we never want to implement a marketing strategy that doesn’t meet your company goals.

At the Haley Marketing Group, our main Google Remarketing campaign meets the goals of increasing brand awareness and keeping staffing agencies top of mind. You could have a new staffing agency or branch location that needs to gain credibility with the local audience. Your staffing agency could just want to be in front of job candidates so when they are ready to search for a job, they recall your business.

Let’s take that example even further. A job candidate is evaluating staffing agencies and recruiters. They go to different company websites and haven’t made a decision yet. However, if your staffing agency is the only one employing a remarketing campaign, then the potential job candidate is going to see your advertisements and remember your company name first.

That sounds like a significant advantage in a very competitive industry.

Why Else Should We Consider This Campaign?

I’m going to give you two easy ones – affordability and customization.

A Google remarketing campaign can feature any size budget, but for a few hundred dollars, the impressions of your campaign could be in the tens of thousands. Remember, the goal of this campaign is to increase your brand awareness and keep your staffing agency top of mind with the target audience. The setup is to reach the maximum amount of people, not necessarily to drive them back to your website.

In terms of customization, there are a lot of possibilities with Google Remarketing ads. Google provides an ad design platform as part of the setup process. (although the customization options are limited here). If you have a designer, they can create ads for your staffing agency and incorporate your company branding and ad copy to match your overall marketing messaging. Finally, you can look into having flat vs. dynamic ads. (That’s another topic for another day.)

Those two parts of the campaign (affordability and customization) make it a really attractive option for all staffing agencies and is a major reason why remarketing is a very effective and popular technique for all businesses.

Next Time on PPC Monday

We are going to take a step back and look at some more common terms in the pay-per-click world. Impressions, clicks, click-thru rate, frequency, reach and more are just some of the popular terms in this advertising technique that I’ll explain next time!

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