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PPC Monday – What Does It Mean to Boost a Facebook Post?

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Facebook provides a lot of advertising options for business. In the coming weeks, we are going to talk about all of the different options available for organizations.

The first place we are going to start is with the Facebook ad type you have probably seen and that’s the Facebook Boosted Post.

What Does It Mean to Boost a Post?

Let’s start with why we need to put paid advertising behind Facebook content. Studies have shown that the organic reach of Facebook content continues to decline. It’s currently in the two to five percent range, and some people even estimate that number approaching or reaching zero in the future.

If your staffing agency is posting great content on Facebook and minimal people are seeing it, we need to solve that problem, and the Facebook Boost is the perfect option.

Basically, a Boosted Facebook post appears higher or with more prominence in a Facebook News Feed or on Instagram (remember that Facebook bought Instagram). The chances increase that the people you want to see your content will actually see the content.

Which People Actually See It?

Good question!

By clicking that blue “Boost Post” button on your company’s Facebook page, you could just allow Facebook to show your content to people its algorithm feels would benefit from seeing your content. Digging a little deeper, after clicking “Boost Post,” you can set up a targeted audience based on demographics.

To dig in fully, you can utilize Facebook Business Manager and really create a strong targeted audience. A number of really attractive options exist in Business Manager, including targeting recent visitors to your website, targeting the people in an email list you uploaded in a spreadsheet to Facebook, people who have clicked on your posts in the past, etc.

These are the people you want to see your post. Facebook wants the right people to see your post, because Facebook wants people to spend as much time as possible on Facebook. If the right people see the post, they are going to click on it and continue to browse Facebook

What Can I Boost?

Another great question!

Photos, jobs, videos, jobs, links, great content, testimonials, status updates, jobs (did I mention jobs?) Basically anything that is on your Facebook page, you can boost.

(Spoiler of future blog post: Boosting Facebook jobs works really well.)

What Should I Boost?

This takes the previous question to the next level.

Let’s say your company has 100 blog posts. Naturally a handful of them will get a lot of traffic because that is the content your audience really engages with. THAT is the content you want to promote. You want to take the content that has good organic (free) reach and put money behind it.

Now, that might seem a little counterintuitive but it makes sense. Let’s say I Boost content (a blog post for example) that people aren’t engaging with. Just by spending money, I’m not going to guarantee engagement because 10,000 people saw it instead of 100.

However, my chances of getting engagement are going to be much higher with content that had great engagement from those initial 100 people. If those people really liked the content, then taking the engaging content and sharing it to a wider audience should work really well.

What Does It Cost?

It’s a little scary for me to say this, but whatever you want. Facebook does a great job of saying “Boost this post for as little as $5” or “Spend $20 to get this post seen by 10,000 people.” And Facebook is correct, it’s not being untruthful at all with those statements. It’s a great job to get you to spend a small amount of money to increase the amount of people who see your content.

Businesses could also increase that spend by any amount they want. Do you want to spend $10/day for your boosted posts? Do just that and see the results. Make adjustments based on different ad spends and see where the best value for your advertising spend actually is.

What Results Will I See?

Facebook Boosted Posts are optimized for engagement and for impressions. What does that mean?

Engagement means that Facebook will show your posts to people who are more likely to react or like your post. That means your post could go from a handful or likes to 50, 60, 100, etc. That sends the message you have a really engaged audience because a user could find your Facebook business page and see a post with 50 likes. That adds credibility to your page.

What I mean in optimizing the Facebook post for impressions is that Facebook’s algorithm will show your Boosted content as many times as possible. When it takes a long time to break through and get someone to engage with your content, this can be really effective. They may not like the content or click on it the first time, but maybe they do the third or fourth time.

Next Time on PPC Monday

We are going to continue to look at Facebook ad types and look at an actual ad or Facebook Promoted content.

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