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This ONE THING Makes Every Staffing Sales and Service Call More Effective

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Do you make every sales and service call face to face?

Of course not. That’s why it’s so incredibly important to put a smile in your voice when you’re on the phone.

“Smiling with your voice” may sound hokey or contrived…

…but you need to get over it. Research shows that not only can customers detect a smile in your voice, but smiling while you’re speaking on the phone makes a real difference in their experience. Here are a few reasons smiling is so important in delivering shareworthy service:

  • Smiling has been proven to make you feel good, allowing you to increase your attentional flexibility and ability to think holistically. Both of these skills promote better problem-solving and service.
  • A genuine smile isn’t merely a facial expression; it’s a state of mind. Whether you’re communicating face-to-face or on the phone, smiling can positively impact people’s perception of your staffing firm. It enhances communication, making customers more receptive to the services and solutions you recommend.
  • Smiling makes customers feel important. Putting a smile in your voice conveys to customers that you like them, that you’re there to help them, and that they can trust you.
  • Smiling combats defensiveness. If you’re dealing with a customer who’s frustrated or upset, a positive expression on your face – combined with a healthy dose of patience, of course – can lower their defenses and pave the way for effective service recovery.
  • Smiling is a reflection of your staffing agency’s culture and brand. It influences every verbal exchange you have with customers – long after that exchange ends. If you’re not convinced, pay attention to the phone and in-person service you receive during the next few days. Which experiences were positive or negative – and why? How did a service rep’s smile (or lack thereof) influence your perception of their company’s products, services or brand?
  • Smiling is simple, fast and free. It’s one of the easiest ways for your team to improve the quality of service interactions. And grinning doesn’t cost a dime!

Smile more!

Whether you’re dealing with clients, candidates or internal customers, a smile is one of the most important components of effective service. Remind everyone in your organization – from your account managers and recruiters to your back office team – to speak kindly and enthusiastically. Although you can’t always control everything that unfolds during customer interactions, you can control the attitude and energy you convey.


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