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Should I set up individual Facebook location pages for my staffing company?

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I recently saw a great question on the ASA Central Network and it’s one that we get asked a lot:


“We are looking to expand our use of Facebook and wonder what other companies with multiple offices are doing.  From our research, we are finding pros and cons to having a central facebook page vs. each office having their own page.  Would like to hear what other companies are doing and what is working for you.”


This is a great question and I’d love to share some tips. I would suggest creating individual location pages that are all connected – especially when you have several different offices that have some distance between them. Facebook offers some guidance on setting those up here: Manage multiple store Pages with Locations.

The nice thing about setting up locations pages (and using a parent/child type structure) is that you can post content across all pages at the same time (so there is a strong “corporate” presence and control) and you can then post local specific content to individual pages too.  Administratively there is a bit more work than just managing one corporate page but I believe the pros outweigh the cons.  Having individual pages will help increase local visibility, allow you to customize content on a local level, still maintain corporate control for non-local content, and allow you provide a social experience that is more personalized for the followers at the local level.

For example, you can post Vancouver specific job opps or announcements just to that one location page. Doing so will make it much more relevant to that single audience, drive increased engagement, and improve your page’s relevancy.

On the flip side, if you post that local content to just one single corporate account you will have a good portion of your following that doesn’t care, won’t engage, and over time that will drop your relevance score. Lower relevancy and engagement rates will dramatically decrease your organic reach, visibility, and effectiveness.

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