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PPC Monday – Collect Candidate Leads on Facebook

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People spend 50 minutes per day on Facebook. They check it all the time – when they wake up, at work (admit it, we do), when they come home, on the couch, and before bed.

What if your staffing agency could be front and center to offer an awesome job opportunity on Facebook, requiring someone to spend 30 seconds to provide their information? Sound too good to be true? It really isn’t. Here is why staffing agencies should be using lead generation ads to collect leads on Facebook.

How Does It Work?

The ad copy and image for a lead generation are similar to other Facebook advertisements. Facebook provides a couple of places for the ad copy to appear and your staffing agency needs to grab the attention of the user. Why should they apply to work with your staffing agency? Why should they provide their personal information?

The advertisement needs to touch a pain point or provide something that is better than their current situation. It could come in a new manager, better pay, improved technology or another factor you think will speak to an active or passive job candidate.

On top of that ad copy, select a photo you think that will appeal to your audience. It could be directly related to the job. It could be a group of happy employees. It could be something totally off base but speaks to someone’s frustration with their current job. (Hint: Try different ads with the same copy but different pictures. You also can try different copy with the same picture. Use that data to make better decisions in the future)

How Do They Apply

facebook-lead-generation-staffing These ads feature a strong call to action (Apply Now) in the actual advertisement. A best practice is to include that call to action somewhere (or at multiple places) in the text of the ad itself. There’s no reason to be bashful in trying to get someone to apply to work with your staffing agency.

After they click on the “Apply Now” button, the candidate sees a contact form. (Essentially, it’s a mini-landing page right in Facebook) As with any landing page, an effective strategy is to keep the information required as minimal as possible – name, email address and phone number should be sufficient. Even if you had a longer form, a recruiter from your staffing agency will have to email or call the candidate. That information can be collected at a later date. Our goal with this ad is to collect a lead.

A small form requires minimal time for your job candidate to complete. Making that process any longer than it absolutely needs to be will result in a drop off in conversions.

***A major bonus of Facebook Lead Generation ads is some of that information (name, email and phone number) could be automatically populated. If the Facebook user has that information in their Facebook profile, it gets pulled into the ad and shortens the amount of time needed to complete the form.

Where Does the Information Go?

facebook-lead-generation-staffing Facebook collects the information in an Excel spreadsheet. An administrator of your Facebook page needs to login to Facebook and download the information from the Excel spreadsheet generated by Facebook.

Admittedly, it’s not ideal, but creating a routine with your internal staff should make it pretty easy to collect those leads on a daily basis. Facebook does integrate with some CRMs but those are more on the retail side. (And, you don’t just have to use this for job applications. Maybe you want to grow your email list or have an eBook you want to distribute. Facebook lead generation would work great for that as well. Don’t just focus on job candidates but anything you can provide people that requires getting their name and contact information.)

Why Is It Effective?

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, people are spending 50 minutes per day on Facebook. It would be hurting your staffing agency not to consider every available option with Facebook advertising. 

If your target audience (and you can have these ads show to exactly the demographics you want) is spending that much time on Facebook, why not have your company be front and center when they go to Facebook after a tough day at work. Capitalize on that emotion and offer a better opportunity through your Facebook Lead Generation advertisements.

The cost per lead is going to vary and it will work better for light industrial staffing or with clerical and lower-level professional staffing. Trying to get the contact information for a higher-level position or C-Suite executive probably won’t be too effective. (There are other strategies for that).

Consider Lead Generation Ads

Staffing agencies nationwide are struggling to collect leads of qualified job candidates. If Facebook presents a really easy option to get leads, why wouldn’t your staffing agency consider it?

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