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How is Your Staffing Website Performing?

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Imagine if you came to your office in the morning ready for a big day of interviews, client calls and an open recruiting event — but only ten people called or walked through your front door all day. Then the next day there were only seven visitors and the following day only two people came in.  Finally, that Friday you had no response. No one came in and no one called.

I bet you would be really concerned right? After all, many staffing firms keep a close eye on call volume, traffic during open houses, in-person interview metrics and more.

These are all great things to track, but unfortunately many staffing firms ignore online traffic. They don’t pay close enough attention to how their website is actually performing and whether they are seeing more traffic or less traffic. They aren’t tracking online applications or visits to key conversion pages as well as they should. In fact, many firms don’t really have a general idea for what their overall website traffic looks like, or how it has been impacted over time.

The simple truth is that more people will visit your staffing company website than will ever walk through your front door. So, you need to start tracking these metrics much more closely.

Start by tracking your staffing website’s total traffic trends.

To understand how your staffing or recruiting website is performing, you first need to make sure Google Analytics is installed. Once your have this great tracking tool in place, follow these steps to look at overall traffic trends:

  1. Log into your Google Analytics Account and view your website data.
  2. In the left-hand column, select Audience>Overview:
  3. By default, Google will generally just show one week or one month of traffic. This doesn’t give you a good benchmark or allow you to easily look at trends. So be sure to change the data range in the top right corner. I like to examine month over month changes, and also year over year changes:

What you’ll find is that just like the stock market, your data will fluctuate. What you want to see though is a nice consistent and steady climb in traffic year over year. When you do see sudden shifts or spikes in traffic, dig deeper to identify what caused those changes. If you find that you are seeing no growth in traffic, or ever worse a decline, work to uncover the root cause before it has a negative impact on your financials.

Overall website traffic is an interesting top-level statistic but we also encourage you to look more closely at other metrics. Be sure to watch our recent webinar on Marketing Analytics for Staffing that will outline key recruiting and business development analytics you should track:


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