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Does content marketing work for recruiting candidates?

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In one of our recent sales calls our team was asked the question:

“Do you see many job seekers reading articles and other information frequently enough to benefit from the time it takes to keep the blog updated?”

The short, and immediate, answer was “YES!”  But, here is why it makes so much sense:

  1. Job seekers are looking for help.

    What is the service you provide to the job seeker? It’s pretty cut and dry when you get down to it. You help them find a job. Take a wild guess at how many times people type “find a job” into Google every month in the United States? … Did you guess yet? Survey says… (well Google says…) on average people search phrases like “find a job” and related terms up to 10 million times each month.

    You have a wealth of valuable information and people ready to help candidates “find a job.” Your blog is the perfect place to highlight this content and draw people into your site. If you become the go to resource for help and job search advice, you’ll recruit a lot more candidates than anyone else.

  2. Google wants you to write this content.

    Google’s webmaster blog has come out and specifically said that good, quality content that is timely and relevant is the single best way to improve search engine rankings and drive traffic to your website. By consistently adding fresh and relevant content to your website you’ll rank well for more job search and candidate related searches. Over time, this will lead more candidate traffic to your website and more quality applications.

  3. You have competition. A lot of it.

    According to the American Staffing Association, there are about 20,000 staffing and recruiting companies in the U.S., operating 39,000 offices. That’s a lot of competition from companies selling the same services you offer. You need to give candidates a reason to work with you, instead of the competition.

  1. Candidates choose staffing companies because of their website.

    CareerBuilder and Inavero released a report that shows 41% of candidates decide which staffing company to use based on their website. If you have a bare bones website without helpful resources, career advice, and guidance, that candidate will turn to a firm that does offer those resources.

  2. You can use that content EVERYWHERE to reach candidates.

    Once you write a blog post you can use that content in many different ways to reach candidates and brand yourself as a top employment agency. Send a monthly newsletter that features links to your top career blogs. Use your content on social media to pull candidates back to your site and funnel them towards your job board. Post your content (or links to it), on LinkedIn through Pulse or LinkedIn Groups. Turn your content into a Slideshare or video. Create printable articles that recruiters can take to job fairs or give to candidates during an initial screen. Send your article to local college placement offices and allow them to repurpose your content in their newsletter or website (with a link back to your site). Guest post on partner or vendor websites. Reach out to local newspapers and allow them to post your content as a weekly or monthly column. There are dozens of other places you can repurpose your content—once you write it. Take advantages of these amazing ways to position yourself as an expert in your market.

Does content marketing work for recruiting candidates?

Getting back to our short answer: yes, it sure does! And, if you leverage your blog content in new and engaging ways you’ll get exponential value out of one single post!

If you’re considering content marketing to recruit candidates, we can help. As the leading content marketing agency for staffing and recruiting, we can help craft a great marketing plan that gets results. Contact us today.

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