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Does Your Staffing Company Need a Brochure? Then don’t cheap out! (part 3 of 3)

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You’ve decided that you need a staffing brochure.

You’ve chosen the right delivery vehicle for your content.

But there’s one more thing you must do to ensure your collateral project is a success:

Don’t cheap out.

Honestly, you’re better off with no brochure than one that is poorly done. Your brochure is a selling document, so make sure it portrays you the way you want to be seen:

  1. Not a great writer? If you’re not comfortable with your writing skills, invest in a professional copywriter or a marketing firm that specializes in your industry–we know of one that can help! 🙂
  2. Not a design wizard? Be sure to take advantage of the talents of a professional graphic designer. While you can do amazing things with tools you have in your office, nothing replaces the value of a talented designer.
  3. Investing in a printed brochure? Make sure your budget fits your brand and the goals of the piece. For example, if you’re creating a promotional brochure and you want to stand out, select a size for your brochure that’s big enough to stand out. Or consider a shape like a square or a die cut rather than a standard rectangle. And pick a paper that has a high-quality feel.

Quality, however doesn’t have to be expensive.

Consider these ideas to help control the budget:

  • If most of your delivery will be by email, create a PDF version of your brochure; then print in small quantities using the capabilities of a short-run commercial printer.
  • Two-color printing can be as (and sometimes more) dramatic than four colors.
  • Provide clear direction to your copywriter and graphic designer, including examples of other materials you like.
  • Look at the cost per piece as well as the total cost. Sometimes printing more is more cost-effective than limiting the budget.
  • Use remnant space wisely (the leftover area on the press sheet that normally gets tossed in the garbage). Sometimes you can get one or more additional marketing pieces at no extra cost.
  • Plan multiple versions up front.

So, back to our original question from the first post in this series:

Do staffing companies need a brochure?

Need? Probably not. But if you want to make your sales process as effective as it can be, analyze your sales process and figure out where the right brochure (and other collateral) would help you capture attention, open doors with prospects and elevate your sales conversations.

When implemented strategically, brochures can become an essential sales tool!

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