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Keepers “Your Next Star” Direct Marketing Campaign takes Two ASA Genius Awards

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This innovative campaign was the winner in the direct mail category and the overall grand prize winner for their revenue level. The “Your Next Star” Direct Marketing Campaign is a mail and drop-off campaign designed to attract new business by targeting staffing decision makers in business/professional services, commercial real estate, healthcare and nonprofit associations in the Baltimore-DC-North VA markets.

Playing off an audition theme, the campaign was developed using movie-related items designed to grab the attention of the HR decision makers in a unique and clever way. This seven-step campaign consists of a series of drop-off packages, social media, sales calls and emails.

The campaign consisted of:

  1. Movie Style 18 x 24 high-gloss poster with a black silhouette and headline: Your Next Star: Coming Soon.
  2. Padded envelope containing a glossy headshot designed like an actor’s resume – with a fact sheet about Keepers and a brochure is designed to look like a movie script.
  3. Sales Call Follow-up
  4. Greeting Card – invitation to schedule a FREE audition of talent
  5. Sales Call and Ongoing Email Campaign – to stay top-of-mind

To ensure each Keepers associate is of the highest caliber, their first assignment is in a Keepers office. This allows Keepers to identify extraordinary performers – and guarantee they will be self-directed and motivated when they are on-site working for a client. Keepers also offers all clients a “free audition,” in which the associate works in a client’s office for a day to demonstrate their exceptional abilities and Keepers’ World-Class Service.

The campaign kicked-off in September 2016 and generated a lot of excitement. In the first three months of the campaign, Keepers:

  • Set 88 appointments – 20 of them with new clients
  • Received 8 orders from new customers
  • Increased 11.2% in sales Sept-Dec year over year
  • Closed two new direct hire orders – resulting in $22k in fees – which paid for the entire campaign

To learn more about Keepers Staffing, visit their website.

About the ASA Genius Awards

The Genius Awards recognize the best and most innovative communications and marketing campaigns among American Staffing Association member staffing companies. The American Staffing Association has recognized several member staffing firms with 2017 ASA Genius Awards, formerly known as the ASA Staffing VOICE Awards, to honor the best staffing industry marketing, advertising, multimedia, and public relations campaigns of the year.

The entries are judged by a panel of communications experts, based on aesthetics, messaging, originality, innovation, and overall effectiveness. Achievements in individual categories were recognized with Grand Awards, Genius Awards, and honorable mention distinctions.

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