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Lessons Learned at Staffing World 2016

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At Haley Marketing Group, we spend all day every day immersed in the staffing industry. You wouldn’t think there’s that much more to learn, but every year Staffing World surprises us.

We learn from:

Meetings we have with staffing professionals

Ad hoc hallway conversations and booth drop-bys

Breakout sessions on the latest innovations and best practices

After-hours chats when everyone lets their hair down a bit

We are also reminded of the importance of preshow marketing.

It can make an enormous difference to our Staffing World experience and results. It reminds clients that we will be available to meet, adds a sense of anticipation and reveals a bit about our personality. We can’t wait to get to Chicago in October to learn more.

Lessons we learned at Staffing World 2016:

“The staffing industry is changing at breakneck speeds, but direct mail is still highly effective. Preshow marketing is the ideal way to grab the attention of those who don’t know you yet.”

Ryan Maher, Marketing Consultant

“Social media yields measurable results!”

Paula Pirrone Zeisz, Director of Marketing Education

“The key to the future of staffing is innovation, and strategy is important to solving higher-order problems.”

Linda Smith, Project Manager

“In this new economy, you can dare to think bigger than ever. It is critical to take time to think strategically, not just tactically.”

Magezi Mukandala, Technical Sales Support Specialist

“Recruiting is a real issue (surprise, surprise), and companies are becoming more strategic in how they recruit and retain their current staff. The industry as a whole is becoming more strategic and data-driven. “

Brad Smith, Director of SEO and Social Media

“Start conference planning WAY earlier than you think you need to start. The GIG economy is real, and staffing firms need a strategy for dealing with it. Recruiting is almost everyone’s #1 challenge; that always happens just before a downturn.”

David Searns, CEO

Check out the full details of our 2016 San Diego Staffing World experience or schedule a meeting with one of our team members at Staffing World in October.

See you in Chicago!

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