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Putting on Virtual Reality Glasses for Staffing World 2017

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In marketing, one of the proven ways to get new visitors to where you are is to create something that they haven’t seen before. Every year, we try to do just for Staffing World with our preshow mailer. This year was no different except for that we really wanted to challenge ourselves in the process. To do that, we created a Haley Marketing booth in virtual reality.

For our virtual booth, we really wanted to display some of our favorite projects from the last year across the variety of services that we offer. From custom and starter websites, to collateral, to social media, to email, and to our clients who won Genius Awards this year, we had a lot that we wanted to show off.

The above video is a quick preview of what was available in our app but if you’re interested in checking out the fully interactive app, it can still be downloaded for Android devices and iPhones

Virtual Reality is just starting to crack the staffing industry and the possible applications are very promising. These include but are not limited to: promotion, onboarding, orientation, classes, and even hands-on training. Some of the world’s largest companies including Google are going all in on VR. From the very inexpensive cardboard viewers that use your phone’s screen and processing power all the way up the standalone devices that rely on fast computers, there are options for everyone.

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