Friday Fast Five: Learning and Teaching

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Learning with Haley Marketing Group.

At Haley Marketing Group, our team members are experts in all things marketing for staffing. But we don’t just wake up in the morning, knowing this stuff! We dedicate time to learning and professional development each week. Then we share what we’ve learned with each other, our clients and the staffing industry.

Here’s what we’ve been up to this week:

WordCamp Shenanigans.

Seven members of Haley Marketing Group attended WordCamp Buffalo last weekend. We went to sessions about security, accessibility, SEO, CSS and more. Some of us learned new brand new things (Gutenberg was new to me!), while others found tips and tricks to take their considerable skills to the next level.

Top Staffing Blog you say?

Our Ask Haley Blog placed number fifteen on Feedspot’s list of the Top 100 Staffing Blogs. We’re really excited about this achievement. We all contribute to the blog, so it’s a real group effort.

Is your Website Bringing in Business?

Do you need to hire a new recruiter or can you “Turn your Website into your Next Recruiter”? Brian Vaccaro’s article in The Staffing Stream just may help you decide. Be sure to check it out. For additional insights from Brian, connect with him on LinkedIn.

Read Before Hitting Send.

Wondering if email should still be part of your marketing for staffing strategy? Read “Email Marketing Delivers Staffing ROI” on The Staffing Stream website. Haley Marketing Staffer, Mackenzie Froese, will break it down for you. After you check it out, connect with Mackenzie on LinkedIn.

Get Greedy with Scott Wintrip.

The Secrets of Staffing Success Podcast features Todd Lewandowski’s discussion with Scott Wintrip about what’s going on in the staffing industry and what you need to be ready for. Give the podcast a listen, and check out Scott’s latest book, High Velocity Hiring.


Feel free to connect with me on Linkedin as well or share your thoughts in the comments below.

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