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How Did a Staffing Firm Increase Traffic and Quality Applications in a Tight Market?

Using Social Media to Gather Job Applications
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Low unemployment rates are great for the economy, but they can spell trouble for even the most effective staffing firms. When everyone who wants a job has a job, the costs and time associated with uncovering, attracting and hiring quality candidates increases. Recently, a client of Haley Marketing Group was experiencing this challenge. The firm was getting lots of job orders, but a 4.2 percent unemployment rate was leading to massive candidate shortages.

Going Where the Candidates Are

They had tried to overcome this challenge on their own, using a variety of marketing tactics like job fairs, job boards, LinkedIn and advertising, but as more and more candidates began to use their mobile devices to search for jobs, they found themselves losing ground.

Haley Marketing’s social media team developed a custom strategy to adapt and expand our client’s social recruiting strategy to reach target candidates where they spend their time online and increase the supply of qualified applicants.

Our data indicated that Facebook would be a better place to connect with their target candidates than LinkedIn, so twice a week, jobs from the client’s job board were posted to Facebook. To make sure candidates noticed the jobs, engaging copy was created for each listing, interesting visuals were added to the posts, and pay rates were included for every job.

Additionally, our team boosted posts and re-recruited through Facebook Advertising. Job listings were getting in front of people in the ATS who had expressed interest in other jobs, people on the client’s mailing list, and Facebook users in their geographic location likely to be looking for jobs.

The strategy didn’t stop there. Our team also automated processes to ensure more applicants completed the process and were directed to browse other jobs that may interest them, as well.

Tight Talent Market? No Problem.

Overall, the client saw a 60 percent increase in applications from Facebook mobile, and a 54 percent increase in page views from Facebook. Completed applications increased by 450 percent, and the client was ultimately able to fill more job orders, even with unemployment at historic lows. You can learn more about this client’s success by reading the full case study.

[Case Study] Lehigh Valley Staffing Firm Increases Job Board Traffic and Quality Applications

The key to this strategy was finding applicants where they spend their time online, and those platforms can vary significantly based on job categories, industries and other variables. If you could use more traffic to your job board and you’d like to increase the quality of applications you receive, contact the team at Haley Marketing today.

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