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3 Tips to Getting Your Team Involved in Your Facebook Social Sharing Strategy

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It’s easier said than done, but the act of getting your employees involved in your social sharing strategy is crucial for your business’s success on Facebook. In recent months, Facebook has released various statements on how their platform will now favor content that has more engagement (comments, shares, likes or reactions) rather than content that takes users off Facebook and onto another website. This will mean that content that is more meaningful will have a more preferred place on users’ timelines. What Facebook is now looking for is “meaningful interactions” or posts that start a conversation.


So, what does this mean for businesses who use blogging content or job posts to drive traffic to their site? It means your team’s involvement in your social sharing strategy is crucial to staying top of mind on users’ news feeds. To get your employees involved, try these three tips:


  1. Set Manageable Goals.

Let’s face it, you and your team are busy. Half the battle is getting your team to buy into these initiatives and the other half is making sure they consistently engage with the content. Don’t make it harder than it has to be. Start small. Begin by mentioning it in team meetings and company discussions. Remember, it’s just as important for you and your leadership to get involved and get your team excited about these initiatives. Once you’ve got the conversation started, set mini-goals that are small enough for your team to handle on a daily basis. Encourage your team to like and share one post from the corporate Facebook page per day. Try that for a few weeks and if it’s manageable for your team, increase the amount of posts per day. A quick little hack to ensure your team is staying involved: Set a calendar invite for a certain time every day and send it to your entire team.


  1. Incentives, Incentives, Incentives…

If you want to get your employees involved (and make sure they stay involved), add an incentivized component to this initiative. It doesn’t have to be big, but rather a small token of appreciation for participating. These incentives can come in many shapes and sizes. Dress down days, free company swag, gift certificates, or even an extra day off, anything that gives your employees recognition for participating are all good options. Incentives are a great way to keep employees on board with the program. Have each of your employees track how many shares, likes, or comments they’ve had in a month. Tally them up and at the end of the month, the employee with the most engagement wins. Plus, a little competition never hurt anybody!


  1. Make It Fun!

Content doesn’t necessarily have to be all about jobs and blogs, but rather showcasing what makes your company a great place to partner or work with. Snap pictures of your team at their next happy hour and post them onto the corporate Facebook page. Not only is this content fun for your business, but this style of content also encourages your team to share it with their network and friends. Here are some other ways your team can add some fun to your business’s Facebook page:

  • Social media holidays: If your team loves to participate in those wacky social media holidays this is a great way to add some fun to your page. Showcase your team enjoying their sweet treats on National Doughnut Day or a picture of your team in matching outfits for Twin Day.
  • Social media takeovers: Showcase what a day-in-the-life of your employees looks like. Choose a member of your team to post for an entire day. Whether they are posting pictures of their morning coffee, sharing quick tips on how they stay energized during a busy day, or a quick vlog from their cell phone about what their favorite part of their job is, allow them to showcase what they love most about working with your business day to day. Each week you can allow different members of your team to showcase their day.

Take the next step…

Now that you’ve got the tips to get your team involved, go out and use them! If you’re looking for a custom social strategy for your business, Contact one of our marketing educators for more information!


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