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Can I Clone My Staffing Website?

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Dolly wants to make a clone of her successful staffing website. Is it a good idea?

Dear Rob,
I am very happy with my current staffing website that my team made with yours. (Thanks a bunch!) We are thinking of opening a new division, but it’s in a new industry sector that really isn’t related to what we do now. We also like that our current site really shows that we are experts in our staffing niche, so we don’t want to dilute our content . Can we just clone our current site and edit it to make the new site? Wouldn’t that save us money?

Dolly, CEO, Olsen Staffing, Twinsburg, OH

Dear Dolly,

Clones are all the rage now, aren’t they? Ever since Attack of the Clones and Blade Runner 2049 came out, this question has cropped up here and there.

When we mix all the right chemicals and attach jumper cables to our programmers to clone a site, the result is a 100% copy of everything on the site, just like your namesake. All the DNA of the site — the structure, pages, design, images, content and SEO — mirrors the parent site.

To adjust the clone for a second website, we need to update all of that site’s DNA, especially since this “clone”, like yours would be, is really more of a fraternal twin — think Arnold and Danny in Twins.

So, to turn the clone into a twin, we have to get out more coding chemicals and snap on our safety goggles and edit the content, links, sidebars, navigation and SEO on every page. Sometimes we have to dig even deeper and change the layout of the site. All of this depends on what the site for the new division needs to accomplish to meet your goals.

A twin site can be the right answer — sometimes. But usually, it can take longer to clone and edit than to build a site that is right for that new division. It’s generally better to create your new site the old-fashioned way, from scratch. Our goal with every website we build is to create an attractive and affordable site that meets your needs. A “clone” or twin site may be affordable, but it might not meet your goals. (You also don’t have the risk of the clones rising up against humanity right when the hero has embarked on a pointless mission that doesn’t even drive the plot.)

We’ll be very happy to help you create a beautiful and affordable new website for your new staffing division. Just give us a call!

Thanks for your question!

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