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Quantity vs. Quality: 3 Simple Ways to Prescreen Candidates Through Facebook Jobs

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Facebook is so much more than just cute dogs and recipe videos you’ll never make (although it’s what most of us like best about Facebook) – it’s also an important hiring tool. According to a 2018 Pew Internet Report, “two-thirds of U.S. adults (68%) now report that they are Facebook users, and roughly three-quarters of those users access Facebook on a daily basis.” Facebook still remains the majority stakeholder when it comes to social media platforms, so you’ll really be doing your company a disservice if you aren’t advertising your jobs in this space.

Aside from the large and engaging audience Facebook provides, there are a few questions and concerns that still come to mind when thinking about using the crazy world of social media to recruit. Are all these applicants going to be qualified?

The answer: Probably not.

But, let’s break this down. Here are three simple ways you can actually prescreen candidates through Facebook jobs.

 1. Make Sure Your Details Are Enticing and Accurate

We’ve all been there – there’s nothing worse than being misled by a job description. While Facebook is great at providing more in-depth information than social platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, we all still find ourselves mindlessly scrolling throughout the day. To make sure your Facebook job postings are attracting candidates, it’s important to make the most enticing information stand out.

So, how does this relate to prescreening candidates? Well, if the location isn’t filled out in Facebook jobs, who knows where you’ll be receiving applications from. If the pay rate is left blank, your candidates may be unhappy with the answer later on. If the job title isn’t accurate – come on, really – you’ll definitely receive unwanted applications and unqualified candidates when it comes time to schedule phone interviews.

2. Add “Additional Questions”

This step takes .02 seconds and it adds SO much value to your Facebook job postings. Like many other job boards, Facebook allows you to include “Free-Text,” “Yes/No,” and “Multiple Choice” questions to filter out unqualified applicants. For example, if your IT engineering job requires a bachelor’s degree, two IT certifications and 2+ years of cloud computing experience – Joe Shmo, who just graduated high school and is working at Best Buy isn’t going to make the cut.

Using this questions feature prescreens candidates before they even have the chance to hit your inbox. Which brings us to my last point…

3. Utilize Facebook Messenger

Hello! It’s there! People are checking this! If the questions feature wasn’t enough and you see something funky on their resume, shoot them a message. Email is great, but social media is quick and straight to the point. Messenger can help you ask those last-minute questions before you invest your time in a phone interview.

Start Posting Facebook Jobs Today!

There you have it – it’s important to advertise your jobs where people are, and let me tell ya, they’re on Facebook. Haley Marketing Group has been testing Facebook jobs and has seen an exponential amount of success over the last six months. Using these prescreening tips on Facebook will help you find quality candidates, quicker.

Don’t work harder. Work smarter.

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