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How to Grab Attention (And Win Business!) With Remarketing

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Winning a race for a staffing sale or candidate application isn’t as straightforward as one would like. Ideally, your race for business would look like this:

  1. You get dressed in some swanky running clothes that are eye-catching and make you stand out from your competition.
  2. As the starting gun goes off, you hit the pavement.
  3. As you run by all the race spectators (your prospects and potential candidates), they see your great branding on your clothes, they see what a great runner you are and…
  4. You win their business!

However, that’s not what it’s like.

It’s more like your prospects and potential candidates are the ones in the race. But instead of an easy 10k, they are competing in a Spartan Race, with tough obstacles and distractions every hundred yards. And you? You’re that spectator standing 400 yards away waving your arms and trying to get their attention while they run through a course jumping over fire and scaling walls. All while standing next to your competition doing the same.

It’s almost impossible for you to win in this situation.

When talent and employers are looking for a staffing partner, they typically start their search online. They may visit 3, 5 or even 10 different websites as they try to find a staffing firm who can meet their needs. After a while, staffing websites (and companies) all start to run together. If someone asked them a week later to remember the name of all the websites they visited, do you think they could recount them? Do you think they could tell you the differentiators of each company and the unique value they provide?

Not likely.

So, it’s up to you to help them remember. To help them not forget your company, your branding, and your unique positioning. That way when they are finally ready to place that job order or apply to a new position, your name is what they remember.

The great news is there is an extremely affordably marketing tactic to help you achieve this, called remarketing.

Remarketing lets you keep your staffing firm top-of-mind.

Every client. Every candidate. Everywhere they go online.

According to experts from automotive marketing agency, the low-cost way to “follow” the thousands of people who visit your website. Remarketing keeps you top-of-mind on Google, Facebook and millions of other websites (usually for less than ONE PENNY per impression!). That way, when they are completing their research online, even if they visit 10 different staffing websites, it is your branding, your name and your services that continue to follow them after the fact.

Want to learn more about how your staffing firm can harness this technology? Contact our team today to learn more about our PPC and remarketing campaigns for staffing firms.

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