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Are you thinking, “how can that be possible?”

Well start your watch, and let’s go! Take a look at this formula:

R – E = P


And now are you wondering, “what does that formula mean?”

It’s simple!

Revenue – Expenses = Profit


But now you ask, “what can I do with that formula?”

You can do plenty! For your company, there are a few ways to increase profit:

1) Increase revenue

2) Decrease expenses

3) Do #1 and #2!


At this point you may be considering, “how do I accomplish #1 and #2 for my staffing business?”

Let’s break it down –

1) How to increase revenue:

– Fill additional jobs
– Get new clients

2) How to decrease expenses:

– Save time
– Achieve more with less


“What’s next?”, you’re questioning.

Let’s brainstorm ideas –


Time’s up! If you’re interested in more ideas about how Haley Marketing can increase your profit, then please contact us.

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