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Importance and Best Practices for Sharing jobs on Facebook

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As the labor market tightens, employment agencies and recruiters are deploying every resource available to find good candidates to fill requirements efficiently as possible. One resource that has become a great gateway is utilizing Facebook jobs to get in front of a different audience than they may be reaching in their ATS or LinkedIn. On Facebook, there are over 214 million users, many of who are employed, which offers a great platform and alternative to sharing jobs and recruiting.

In today’s recruiting world, Facebook needs to be implemented into your day to day because this is where many of these candidates are spending their time, with recent reports showing the average Facebook user spends 35 minutes on the platform each day (source), and now with Facebook jobs, looking for new careers. To draw their attention to the jobs that you’re sharing, start with these quick tips:


1. Share an image (preferably branded) with your job post



2. Fill out where the location of the actual job is, not your office location.





3. Include the pay rate.



4. Have a full, detailed job description of all hours, duties and benefits, if applicable.



5. Finally, Include an email so the recruiters will receive the applications and can immediately contact the candidate




Why do I need to include a pay rate?

Traditionally, many recruiters and staffing agencies were, and still are, hesitant to share the salary or pay of a position. This can be from the client not divulging that information, candidates always asking for the max pay range, the pay could deter applicants, etc. But frankly, would you apply to a job where they didn’t want to tell you the pay?

Put yourself in the candidate’s shoes. You are finally open to interviewing for a position, you use a vacation day so you can interview and upon competition of the interview, you find out the opportunity was for less money than what you’re currently being paid. Now two things happen: you lose the candidate, and they will never apply or answer your call again.

Including the pay is critical in the process of not only social recruiting, but job posting in general. Having all the right information for an applicant is not only beneficial in allowing them to have all the information they need to apply or consider it, but it will help to weed out bad applicants that do not have the required education, skills or experience.

Social Pro

With our program, Social Pro, this process of posting jobs to Facebook correctly and driving more applicants is taken off your plate. We share the jobs, fill out the necessary information and can work with you to fill the requirements and contracts you have open.

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