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PART 2: Musings From 12 Days in Europe…Simplicity

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Over the course of nearly two weeks, I was lucky enough to go on a trip of a lifetime. I visited many beautiful cities in Germany, Austria and Italy. The sights were magnificent: fairy tale castles, historic landmarks and, well, every single building in Rome! Each place more incredible than the next. But now that I’m home, in my reflection, the most amazing sights of all were actually the mountains. They were grand, yet breathtaking in their simplicity. 

So, I’m cleaning out my travel bag and I pull out a booklet from a small exhibit we visited. Seeing it again, I remembered why I tucked it in the bag and brought it home. I was struck at its simplicity. Drawn to it, really. This piece — black and white, text only, printed on cheap, white copy paper—was beautiful to me. It stood out. By its design, it imparted the information clearly. Surrounded, or maybe even bombarded, visually by the grandness of the architecture around me, this simple booklet was really prominent. 

The lesson? Good design doesn’t have to be elaborate. Or complicated. Or expensive to produce. Sometimes simplicity stands out and stands on its own. Don’t think that, for your marketing communications to be successful, they always have to be flashy. The most important thing is this: Focus on what you are trying to communicate and the audience you wish to reach. And then rely on the experts at Haley Marketing to bring that vision to life. Let us partner with you to help your business stand out and stay top-of-mind. 

Simple as that. 

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