Book Review: High-Velocity Hiring

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Looking for a smarter, faster, more accurate way to hire?

Scott Wintrip shows you the way in High-Velocity Hiring: How to Hire Top Talent in an Instant. In this book, hiring guru Wintrip teaches you how to turn on the talent tap and keep it flowing.

He advises on:

  • Taking emotion out of the process
  • Benchmarking successful employees
  • Keeping top candidates in the process
  • Using experiential interviews
  • Reducing employee turnover


High-Velocity Hiring explains how to build a loyal and engaged team consisting of current staff and a ready-to-tap talent pool. His advice is helpful in today’s tight talent market, but will also be essential when the market turns, forcing hiring managers to pluck the best talent from a deluge of applicants.

Strongly recommended for hiring managers or anyone in the staffing industry.

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