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Marketing Lessons From Taylor Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour

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On August 3, I had the absolute pleasure of seeing Taylor Swift perform live in Toronto for her Reputation Stadium Tour. The whole experience was incredible, and the steps taken to ensure all fans had a great experience did not go unnoticed. The marketing was awesome and had my gears turning to turn my experiences into lessons.

Stay Top-of-Mind

This is an idea we here at Haley actively practice. But what does it mean exactly? The months and days leading up to the concert, I received constant emails from Taylor Swift’s marketing team reminding me of the tour, sending me behind the scene videos, and links to merch to get me ready for the concert. Every time I got an email, my excitement was renewed for the concert because of this simple step taken. It’s essential to stay top-of-mind with your contacts. Even if you aren’t actively promoting something, that doesn’t mean you should drop off the face of the earth. Send emails on holidays, emails that have links to old blog posts, or even an email just to say hi and remind your contacts of your services. This simple step will help keep your contacts in the loop, so you are relevant next time they are thinking of using your services.


From the minute I walked in the stadium door, I was given freebie after freebie. A light up wristband, a guitar pick with the album cover on it, and towel to wave around, to name a few. While all these freebies are extremely cheap to make and give out, it made all of us there feel special and gave us a memento to take home. Do I need a guitar pick? Nope, but I will hold onto it. If you are at conferences or have people stop by your office, freebies are a great way to catch their attention. The stress ball with your logo on it will be on their desk and remind them to give you a call when they need you.

Treat All Customers the Same

There were fans at this concert from all walks of life with different stories and different levels of appreciation for Taylor Swift. Some fans were dressed up in costumes, some were there in a plain shirt and pants. Regardless of the amount of money we paid to be there or what we wore, all of us felt the love and appreciation from Taylor Swift. She walked the entire stage, even making her way to a stage that was set up in the back of the stadium so fans there could have the chance to see her up close. While you may think your customers that spend the most money with you are your best customers, the truth is that all customers are your best. By treating everyone the same, it will only serve to help you. They will be your brand ambassadors by speaking positively and recommending you. They will also come back to you for more help.

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