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What I Learned at Haley Marketing

Haley Marketing
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This summer I had the amazing opportunity to intern at Haley Marketing. As I just finished my freshman year at college, I had absolutely no real-world experience working in marketing. All I knew was what I had learned at school, but of course, reality is always different from the classroom. I was excited to see what marketing was really like and eager to learn everything I could. As the summer comes to an end, I wanted to share what I have learned from my time at Haley.

The first thing I learned was (surprise!) marketing is not as easy as it looks. One of the first things I learned to do was write content plans. Basically, it involves coming up with topics and titles for a client’s blog posts. Sure, it sounds pretty simple, and at first it was. However, there are only so many ways you can write about resume red flags or tips to motivate employees. What quickly became clear is that it takes a tremendous amount of creativity to come up with topics that are new, interesting, and informative. Everything seems like it has already been done a hundred times. By my fifth content plan, I recognized that you really have to put in work to get to know the industry and what topics would actually be new and useful.

The second thing I learned was that social media marketing is completely different than just running a personal account. I had expected there would be differences, but I was still surprised by what a change it actually was. There is so much planning that goes into every post to make sure it has the best impact. One of the most exciting things I got to do this summer was help Barqar, Haley’s sister company, create a plan for their Instagram. I looked at different companies’ Instagram accounts to see what worked and what didn’t. This really showed me what it’s like to look at social media through a business lens rather than just for fun. Next, we came up with ideas for what graphics and posts we wanted on the Barqar Instagram, and now we get to put it into action. It was amazing to be apart of the process from start to finish.

The last thing I learned at Haley was how special the Haley culture is. Whether it was eating lunch outside, monthly trivia or just chatting about good food, you can always tell that everyone at Haley enjoys working here. There is more to Haley culture than general happiness though. What excited me this summer was to see everyone always looking to make Haley better. At every meeting we were talking about some new development that could improve our services, brainstorming blog topics that better fit our clients, or listening to new podcasts in the industry. It was exciting for me to be a part of something that felt like it was always moving forward.

Overall, I have learned so much at Haley Marketing. It was an amazing experience!

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