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5 Popular Brands That Use Community Involvement as Part of Their Marketing Strategy

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When putting together a new marketing strategy, we can often overlook one important factor, community and the impact of giving back. Community involvement is not only important for brand awareness, it can also allow your business to use creative methods to get in front of clients and candidates. When you do good, people feel good about using your services; it’s as simple as that. Here are five of our favorite brands that use this method:


From the start, Toms has done an incredible job at giving back to those in need. They’re most knowns for their “One-for-One” program. For every piece of product you purchase, they give back to someone who is in need. This not only benefits the company on a philanthropic level, it also allows consumers to feel good about their purchases.

Love Your Melon

Love Your Melon has made some major strides in the past few years due to their commitment to the community. With a product line that includes beanies, baseball hats, headbands, scarves and blankets, this young startup will donate 50 percent of its sales to foundations that are looking to end childhood cancer.  Not only do they do this one their own, but they also have a Wholesale Program, which allows them to partner with other organizations to spread their reach.

Newman’s Own Foundation

While we’ve covered two incredible brands who give back, the Newman’s Own Foundation gives back to those who are already giving back to their communities. They focus on four major areas; philanthropy, children, empowerment, and nutrition. This foundation gives back to organizations that promote an enhance their community in these four areas. Check out this list of organizations they support.

Our local favorites…


Here in Buffalo, NY, we are lucky enough to have access to an incredible grocery store chain, Wegmans. While the Haley Marketing team loves Wegmans for their beautiful stores and delicious food, we are inspired by their commitment to the community. They are constantly using methods to help communities thrive by promoting healthier choices and enriching local neighborhoods. From feeding the hungry to using sustainable business practices, they are always looking for ways to benefit our area and give back.

26 Shirts

26 shirts is a local online retailer that combines their passion for T-shirt design and giving back to the community. Every two weeks a new design is released on their website and with every shirt purchased, they donate a portion of the profits to a local charity. Not only do they benefit multiple charities in the area, they also give exposure to local artists and designers looking to be a part of a great cause. Want to check out their most recent designs, click here.

Get out there!

We hope this blog inspires you to get out there and get involved in your community! If you’re looking for a custom marketing strategy, contact one of our marketing educators today for more information.

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