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Is It Time for a New Website?

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Do I really need a new website?

The one I have works and I’m still getting applications…

There are several reasons you should consider creating a new website.  Technology changes daily.  If your website is built on technology which is now obsolete, and if you want your company to stay relevant to job seekers and employers, current technology is imperative. Here’s why:

  • Mobile. More than 50% of job seekers use smart phones and other mobile devices to search for jobs. If your current site does not support mobile phones, tablets, etc. or is not responsively built (meaning it does not adjust to the size of the screen the viewer is using), visitors will find it harder to use and you will have a large drop-off in visitors.
  • Security.  If your website is not securely hosted, Google has started marking your website as unsafe, and you are losing visitors before they even make it to your site.
  • SEO. If your website is not mobile friendly and not secure, Google will stop showing the site when people search for it.
  • Your brand. Outdated technology (and design) does not represent your company well, and the style of your site may not be up to modern design standards. Current sites are full screen, often long pages, with larger imagery and less copy. They feed pertinent information (e.g., featured jobs, top candidates, blog ports and news) to the home page automatically.
  • Response. Take a look at your site. How many “calls to actions” are there to encourage people to take appropriate next steps, like complete the contact form or fill out an application. All modern sites incorporate calls-to-action throughout their design and copy.
  • Analytics. Does your site does contain tracking codes? Can you tell which pages people are visiting and for how long? Do you know who was on your site and what they did so you can adjust or market accordingly? If you’re not using tracking codes, you’re not learning where on your site people are going and where they are ‘dropping off.’
  • Maintenance. Is your site built on a platform that allows for easy maintenance and updates? If not, you are wasting time and money trying to maintain an out-of-date website.

Get rid of that old website!  Need help doing so?  Contact Haley Marketing Group and check out all of the different options we have for creating new, up-to-date websites!

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