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Facebook Ad Text Rules: 5 Do’s & Don’ts for Staffing Companies

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Facebook Ad Text Do’s & Don’ts

Using paid efforts on Facebook is a great way to drive engagement with your staffing company’s social media content, but before you spend any of your marketing dollars on boosted or promoted content, it’s important to understand Facebook’s strict ad text rules.

In a nutshell, if there’s too much text on the image in your post Facebook will flag the ad, which could hurt the reach of your content or even prevent your ads from running at all. Ads with lots of text are shown to a smaller audience, while those with little to no text achieve broader reach and higher levels of engagement.

Why? Think of your own newsfeed. Human beings process visuals much faster than text, so it’s only natural that a bright, attention grabbing image is more likely to catch our attention than a picture loaded with text, which takes more work for our brains to process.

If you want to avoid receiving warnings on your ads from Facebook, try following these tips:

DON’T Use Text-Based Creative
When possible, don’t include text in the images of the posts that you plan to use as a part of your paid social media efforts. If you can’t get around it, make sure you read up on Facebook’s specific limitations on ad text here.

DO Request Manual Review
In the event that your images receive a warning from Facebook for containing too much text, even if you feel there is limited text, you can Request Manual Review. Facebook may qualify your image for and exemption.

DO Have Backup
A good rule of thumb is to have a library of images that you can use to replace any images that are flagged. There are tons of websites full of free images without text, and having a file of some generic photos could save you in a pinch. Can’t replace a photo? Switch out the post!

DO Use Facebook’s Text Overlay Tool
Want to check your image before creating your ad? Facebook offers a free Text Overlay Tool that will tell you whether or not your visuals violate their text policy before you put in all the work of creating a paid post.

DON’T Be Afraid to Ask for Help
Creating your own Facebook ads can be a struggle. The experts at Haley Marketing Group are a great resource for defining your social strategy and managing a paid social media campaign. Contact our team today and let us help you tap into the power of Facebook advertising!

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