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It’s Time to Get Started

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Owning a company at the top of the Inc. 5000 is a dream that many of us want to achieve. Well, maybe not that specific metric, but we all want to have a successful company that rises up to deserve recognition. To do this, we sit at our desks each day working for someone else while we dream up what we need to get started.

-Company name



-Company Mission/Vision/Values

-What you’re going to sell

Yeah, that’s a lot. And each of those items needs to be absolutely perfect. The name and logo need to innately invoke a deep familiarity within the client and customer. The mission, vision, and values need to reflect certain qualities that show how honest, relentless, and true a company is to serving their base. The website needs to be perfectly crafted, with A/B testing, from the copy down to the images, calls-to-action, functionality, and page layout.

Or not.

Many of us have heard about about Gary Vaynerchuk and his media empire, but have you heard about his most recent company ONE37pm? Let’s tackle the first item on the list above, then. This is Gary Vee, so you know he’ll put out his best-possible content. So how did he choose his name? You might be surprised. That’s right, he chose it by looking at his watch during a meeting and deciding to name his company ONE37pm.

If you haven’t seen the newest Inc. 5000 list yet (it’s out!), at the top of the list is a company named “SwanLeap”. In order to achieve skyrocketing growth, 75,661 percent to be exact, you’d need a stellar custom-built website, right? Well, their website is a ThemeForest-based theme built on WordPress that was purchased for $59 (with an undetermined setup fee by a web development company, most likely).

What does this mean for your new company? Don’t wait! Get started today! Pick a name and build that website, so you can start selling tomorrow. And if you’re determined to get it perfect, consider reaching out to the experts, so they can shorten your learning curve and provide you top-notch services, like a logo and website, quickly.

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