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Thank You! 8 Ways to Show Gratitude to Your Customers

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“Vielen Dank!”


There are thousands of ways to say “‘Thanks!” But when it comes to your customers, which actions have the most impact?

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, it’s the perfect time to show gratitude to your clients, candidates and employees. If you need a little creative inspiration, I’ve curated this list of ideas to help you express your appreciation, build loyalty and strengthen your service culture:

Go old school.

  • Nothing beats the impact of a handwritten “thank you” note. It’s inexpensive. Easy to customize. And in a world of digital communication, a handwritten note that arrives in the mail really stands out. Provide branded stationery your team, share suggested phrasing (for new employees or those who don’t like to write), and ask each recruiter and account manager to send a few notes each week to customers and job seekers. Over the course of a year, this simple habit will have a huge positive effect on your employees and your customers.
  • Send a treat. Cookies and donuts are popular ideas and easy to share. But consider your audience: If you provide support staff to a nutrition center, you may want to send a fruit basket instead!

Create a buzz.

  • Host a coffee break for a loyal client. Stick around to thank them for their business, and learn about their challenges and plans for the upcoming year. In addition to being a thoughtful gesture, hosting a coffee break is a great excuse for getting face time with front-line employees and higher level decision-makers.
  • Treat a remote client or employee to coffee. If you recruit or staff across a wide geography, dropping off coffee in person may not be logistically feasible – but don’t let that stop you! Do a little research to find out a remote customer’s favorite local coffee spot, and send them a gift card to grab a cup on you.

Do something unexpected.

  • Surprise a good client with an invoice credit (the amount is up to you). Have the account manager drop off the voucher in person, to express their appreciation for the client’s continued business.
  • Arm on-site supervisors, account managers and recruiters with $5 retailer gift cards to treat temp workers who consistently do a great job and represent your firm well when on assignment.

Give the gift of knowledge.

  • Have a favorite job search, career success, hiring or business book you’ve read recently? Buy copies and give them to your team to share with valued clients and field associates (make sure they write a personalized note inside the book, so individuals know this is a “thank you” meant just for them). The more educated employers and job seekers are, the more value they’ll get from your services (which will leave them thanking you!).
  • If you’re a Haley Marketing blog, social media or HaleyMail client, we provide you with valuable educational content for your clients and candidates. Compile a list of your favorite resources and share it with your customers, reminding them of your commitment to being a true partner in their success.

From all of us at Haley Marketing Group, thank you for being partners in our success – and have a wonderful holiday!

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