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Recruiting Recession

For years, recruiting has been the (or at least, one of the) hottest topics in staffing. And with good reason: Our economy has remained strong, and the national unemployment rate has been at or below 4% for roughly a year.

But the writing is on the wall.

Everywhere you look, economists, politicians, business professionals and staffing industry leaders are talking about the other “r” word: Recession. Our economy has had a long good run, and it won’t last forever.

Now, I’m not saying the sky is falling. It’s not. Many experts say that 2019 will be slower, but just fine – and that a recession may be up to two years away. But if you’re a planner like me, you need to know what’s on the horizon for you and your clients – so you can prepare accordingly.

When Will the Next Recession Hit?

In this infographic, we shared stats from Barry Asin’s 2019 Executive Forum keynote. It included data from JP Morgan Chase projecting the risk of recession at:

  • 28% in 2019
  • 60% in 2020
  • 81% in 2021

How Should Your Staffing Firm Prepare for the Next Recession?

At Haley Marketing Group, our goal is to help staffing and recruiting firms like yours thrive in any economy. To make sure your business is primed to weather the next recession, take advantage of all the free insights, advice and resources we offer:

Connect with a Marketing Educator.

Pose a question. Share a challenge. Put our experts to work for you, and find out how great marketing can help you recession-proof your business – without breaking the bank.

Arm yourself with knowledge.

Nobody can say for sure what the future will bring, but organizations that stay on top of trends, plan for the future and continually train their team will be the most successful. To that end, we’ve developed hundreds of FREE educational and training resources for industry professionals. From podcasts and eBooks to on-demand webinars and blog posts, these tools are packed with best-practices, fresh ideas and practical tips for driving profits in any economy. Visit the “Freebies” section of our website for access.

Meet our team on the road.

Conference season is here, and our experts will be attending – and speaking at – major industry events like StaffingTec, Bullhorn Engage, Staffing World and more! If you’re planning to attend a conference this year, contact us to book a free one-on-one consult.

The sky isn’t falling – yet.

But if you prepare for the coming downturn now, you’ll be positioned to survive – and even thrive in – the next recession.

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