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Helping Staffing Firms Fill More Open Job Orders, Faster and More Cost-Effectively

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Haley Marketing Announces New Programmatic Job Advertising Services, Publishes Free Guide to Programmatic Advertising

In an increasingly complex and unpredictable recruiting landscape, Haley Marketing, the largest website development, social and recruitment marketing firm serving the temporary staffing and executive recruiting industries, has launched new programmatic job advertising services and published their free Guide to Programmatic Job Advertising.

Competing in an Increasingly Complicated Job Advertising Landscape

Loss of organic traffic from Indeed, nationwide unemployment at 3.6%, a proliferation of job boards and aggregators, advances in technology, and changes in job-seeker behavior have made recruiting more complex and challenging than ever for staffing professionals. Traditional job advertising methods are no longer efficient and deliver unpredictable results.

Advertisers in other industries already use programmatic advertising to address problems like these. U.S. advertisers are slated to spend nearly $60 billion on programmatic display in 2019, and by 2021, nearly 88% of all digital display ad dollars ($88 billion) will transact programmatically. Adoption has been much slower within the staffing and recruiting industry, however. With less than one-quarter of firms currently using a programmatic approach, those that do employ the technology have a marked competitive advantage.

Haley Marketing’s performance marketing experts launched new programmatic job advertising services to enable staffing companies to capitalize on this critical opportunity. Using machine learning and rules-based bidding, these services optimize job distribution and spend to deliver the ideal mix of candidates for open job orders, and fill high priority jobs, faster.

Free Staffing Industry Programmatic Advertising Guide

To help industry professionals learn more about the concepts and applications of programmatic in staffing, Haley Marketing has also published a free Guide to Programmatic Job Advertising. This 13-page guide explains:

  • The three essential elements of programmatic job advertising.
  • The difference between self-service and managed campaigns.
  • The recruiting benefits and business advantages programmatic job advertising delivers.
  • How programmatic campaigns are built and managed.
  • How staffing and recruiting firms can use programmatic advertising to fill more open job orders, faster and more cost-effectively.

A Smarter Way to Manage Job Advertising Dollars

According to Haley Marketing CEO, David Searns, “For years, we watched staffing companies struggle with their job advertising. Most firms are unsure how much to spend, which job boards to use or how to best manage their advertising. With programmatic, job advertising becomes much more measurable and controllable with immediate benefits. We’re seeing clients go from getting applications to 30% of jobs to getting applications on more than 90%. And we’re seeing costs per application drop by as much as 30%. Programmatic job advertising provides the staffing industry with a more efficient and effective way to manage their job advertising dollars, and we are thrilled to bring this service and our new free eBook to the industry.”

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