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Get Off the Hamster Wheel!

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Does your staffing firm make the same customer service mistakes over and over again?

No staffing company is perfect. Whether it’s an error in billing, a forgotten phone call or a missed recruiting deadline, everyone slips up with their service from time to time.

But the smart agencies learn from their mistakes – and don’t let them happen again.

So get off the hamster wheel!

If you want to truly move the needle in your staffing customer service, use these tips to eliminate repeat service failures:

  • Make sure everyone on your team is trained in customer service basics. The first way to ensure your team doesn’t continually drop the ball is by creating formal customer service policies and training.
  • Identify the biggest service mistakes your firm makes. Gather individuals from all departments to create a list of the top “repeat offenders.” Consider:
    • What are the most common complaints you get from clients and candidates?
    • What are the most egregious mistakes (i.e., the ones that upset your clients and candidates the most)?
    • What errors are the most costly to your firm? Even a single mistake can cost you a client relationship.
    • What repeat internal customer service mistakes undermine your culture and/or profitability? Small changes in internal service processes can yield huge gains in efficiency and revenue.
  • Prioritize service mistakes. You won’t have the resources to address all repeat mistakes at once, so start small. Determine which ones provide the biggest opportunities for improvement, and focus your efforts there.
  • Share and learn from mistakes. Make service debriefings a part of your regular team meetings:
    • Discuss specific mistakes, service recovery steps and outcomes.
    • Identify what worked and what could be improved.
    • Brainstorm what you changes you can make to prevent similar problems from happening again (i.e., Do you need to update your service process? Standardize or document activities? Add in QC measures? Provide training for your staff? Educate your clients or candidates? Invest in better technology?).
    • Create accountability. For each change you decide to implement, assign an owner – to be sure it gets done.
  • Review regularly. Periodically re-evaluate your top repeat service mistakes, as well as how effective your steps to prevent them are. Integrate this evaluation process with your other management review activities, to ensure your efforts stay on track – and generate the biggest improvements possible.

Sound like common sense?

It is! With a little bit of team effort and a shareworthy service mindset, you’ll make fewer repeat mistakes and create happier, more loyal customers.

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