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Essential Tech for Marketing Your Staffing Firm: Tap the Power of PPC 

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Why is PPC essential for staffing firms?

PPC gets the right message, to the right audience, at the right time.

Ideal for both sales and recruiting, PPC advertising uses advanced targeting methods to make your ads appear where clients, prospects and job seekers spend time online. Whether they’re searching for information on Google, scrolling through Facebook, or surfing Google’s Display Network of more than 2 million partner websites, you can display targeted ads to your ideal audience to achieve your goals.

PPC is cost-effective.

Pay per click has evolved into a sophisticated and powerful advertising tool with amazing precision. You can set your bids and cap your budget. You can target people based on their interests, content viewed (including competitors’ content), demographics, geography, status with your staffing firm, and more. All that precision helps you control your ad spend, by focusing on your exact right target audience.

PPC campaigns can be customized to your staffing firm’s changing needs and goals.

Up until recently, most staffing firms were struggling to recruit qualified candidates (healthcare, IT and other staffing sectors will continue to deal with talent shortages in this economy). Pay per click advertising has proven to be extremely effective in helping agencies build their brand, stay top of mind and convert qualified job seekers to applicants.

Now, many agencies are using PPC on the client side to:

  • Generate more high-quality inbound sales leads. By targeting staffing buyers and decision-makers with ads that address their “pain points,” and then using remarketing ads to “follow” clients and prospects around the internet, your staffing firm can stay top of mind with employers until they’re ready to buy.
  • Beat the competition. Operate in a highly competitive market? You can use Google’s Display Network to target visitors to specific company websites (including your competitors’). PPC display ads can maximize your staffing firm’s visibility and engagement – and even get your company above competitors on Google.

How can your staffing firm tap the power of PPC?

Google’s and Facebook’s algorithms have evolved dramatically in recent years. Our team of experts continually updates our PPC services for staffing agencies to capitalize on these changes and advancements – and deliver even better campaign results for our clients. 

In 2019, we created four powerful PPC packages to work with Google’s and Facebook’s changing tech. Each helps you reach the right audience. With the right message. At the right time. Without blowing your budget: 

  • Recruiting package  
  • Sales Lead Generation package  
  • Beat the Competition package  
  • Re-Engagement package 

Want to learn more – or ready to get started with PPC?

No matter what your goals are, PPC is a flexible, powerful and cost-effective tool to help you achieve them. And we’re here to help! Connect with a marketing educator to learn more.

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