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Beating the Competition: Smarter PPC Strategy Generates Massive Candidate Traffic Increases

After The Advance Group provided a list of their primary competitors, we designed a campaign that targeted job seekers who visited candidate-oriented pages on those competitors’ sites (including their job boards).

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Case Study at a Glance

The Challenge:

Help our client recruit more qualified candidates in a highly competitive market.

The Solution:

We designed a pay-per-click advertising strategy to “steal” candidate traffic from the competition.

The Results:

Our “Beat the Competition” recruiting campaign delivered DOUBLE the industry standard traffic results – in just 30 days!

Client Background and Challenges

Serving northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan since 1990, The Advance Group is a locally owned staffing and executive recruitment firm placing talent in industrial, office-clerical, professional-managerial and technical roles.

Like many staffing agencies, The Advance Group struggled to recruit candidates in a highly competitive market. The loss of organic traffic from Indeed, low unemployment and intense competition only compounded their recruiting challenges.

Thrilled with the results of other projects our team completed for them (including a candidate interview
follow-up campaign which earned an ASA Genius Award honorable mention), The Advance Group’s President, Stacey Bigelow, trusted our performance marketing experts to help them find more effective ways to reach job seekers.

The Solution

The Advance Group was already having success with pay-per-click marketing through us, but our team thought we could deliver even better results with one of our four new PPC campaigns. Our experts reanalyzed their market and target audience, and determined that our “Beat the Competition” PPC package would be an ideal solution to attract more of the right job seekers to their site.

“Beat the Competition” Recruiting Campaign Highlights

  • Created specifically for firms in high-competition markets
  • Ideal for maximizing online visibility and engagement, as well as outranking and stealing traffic from competitors
  • Uses Google Display Network to target visitors to specific company websites, including the sites of direct competitors
  • Ads strategically display for people who are already looking for jobs or other staffing firms
After The Advance Group provided a list of their primary competitors, we designed a campaign that targeted job seekers who visited candidate-oriented pages on those competitors’ sites (including their job boards). Once a job seeker landed on a competitor’s site, they began seeing recruiting ads from The Advance Group as they browsed the internet on Google. Brilliant, right?

The Results

Beat the Competition” has been extremely effective in replacing candidate traffic from Indeed. In just 30 day on this new PPC campaign:

  • We achieved traffic levels DOUBLE the industry standard.
  • In real numbers, this PPC campaign generated more than 600 website visits ON TOP OF what a typical campaign would generate.

In Our Client’s Words:

“With the loss of traffic our job board received due to the changes with Indeed, we needed to try different tactics to reach our target candidate audience. Haley Marketing implemented an online advertising tactic that targeted our job candidates. Seeing the amount of traffic this campaign delivered explains why we trust Haley Marketing to present different strategies and tactics for The Advance Group.”

Stacey Bigelow, President
Advance Staffing Solutions

Struggling to recruit the right candidates?

Ideal for recruiting, PPC uses advanced targeting methods to make your ads appear where job seekers and passive candidates spend time online – and drives more qualified candidates to your website and job board.

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