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Improve Post-Interview Communication and Deliver a Better Candidate Experience? Challenge Accepted ✅

Our digital marketing experts engineered a custom interview follow-up campaign to dramatically improve CX and eliminate candidates' biggest complaint: "No one followed up with me!"

The Advance Group
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Case Study at a Glance

The Challenge:

Improve post-interview communication to deliver a better candidate experience.

The Solution:

We created a digital marketing follow-up campaign to prevent communication gaps and reassure candidates by proactively providing the information they need.

The Results:

New applicants are now connected with a personal job-search resource, and email readership has increased exponentially.

Client Background and Challenge

Serving northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan since 1990, The Advance Group is a locally owned staffing and executive recruitment firm placing talent in industrial, office-clerical, professional-managerial and technical roles.Committed to taking great care of candidates at every stage of their search, The Advance Group was looking for ways to prevent communication gaps after the initial interview. Their team frequently heard comments like, “Nobody followed up with me,” so they knew they needed to be more proactive with their follow up – and eliminate new applicants’ concern of not hearing from a recruiter after their interview.

The Solution

After learning more about their candidate intake process, our team designed a digital interview follow-up campaign to prevent communication vacuums and dramatically improve their candidate experience. Using a custom email messaging template, the program:

  • Assures candidates they are in The Advance Group’s database – and they need not worry if they don’t immediately hear back from a recruiter.
  • Provides the name and email address of their interviewer, to ensure applicants have a contact who can answer questions and act as their personal job-search resource.
  • Encourages candidates to search other jobs on the website job board.

The Results

Competitive differentiation.

In an extremely competitive candidate market, The Advance Group’s interview follow-up campaign allows them to set themselves apart with a better follow-up process.

Improved candidate experience.

The program solves two problems for candidates:

  • It gives candidates a point person to follow up with at The Advance Group.
  • It eliminates new applicants’ concern of not hearing back after their interview.

Increased email readership.

Another unexpected benefit of the campaign was that it dramatically increased email readership. Prior to the campaign, candidate emails were receiving 3 to 7 percent open rate. Since launching the campaign, emails are now receiving 50 to 66 percent readership!

Industry recognition.

The Advance Group’s campaign is so impressive that it received an honorable mention in the “External Digital Publication” category of the American Staffing Association’s Genius Awards!

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Looking for ways to improve candidate experience? Looking for ways to improve candidate experience?

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