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How to Be a Successful Remote Employee

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As a remote employee for almost eight months, figuring out how to work from home, create a routine, keep a social life, and maintaining my health has been a challenge. While we are moving into uncharted territory as the coronavirus 2019 disease is running it’s course, and many companies – Haley Marketing included – have moved to virtual workplaces.

Here are a few tips to be successful as a remote employee.

Know Your Work Hours

It’s easy to get caught up in “working from home.” Your television, phone, errands and many other activities become accessible at any hour of the day. Force yourself to stay focused on work, but also allow time to get away from your desk and move around.

This also applies to the end of the day. As a remote employee, it’s easy to get caught up thinking “just one more task… just one more…” Instead, find something that signifies the end of your day. Whether it’s walking your dog or working out, find an activity that will help your body reset and move on with your night.

Designate a Work Area

I once read an article that many people have trouble sleeping because they watch TV in do other activities in bed, that their brain no longer recognizes their bed for sleeping. When going remote, this is one thing I wanted to focus on. Creating an office is the best-case scenario, but if you can’t – find a desk or table and an office chair that you only work at during office hours.

Bonus: Let your work area represent your personality!

Over Communicate

This is a big, and probably obvious, one. Let your managers and team members know what’s going on. Whether you work on a team or more solo, it’s always better to check in – especially if you have an important call or are stepping away from your desk. It’s easy to forget that people behind the screen can’t read your mind.

Put on Shoes

This may sound funny, but this is one trick that helped me get in “work mode.”

Work hours = shoes on.

Relax time = shoes off.

Try to keep a routine in the morning. Even though it’s easier to roll out of bed five minutes before you’re supposed to start.

It Takes Time to Get Situated

Working from home and being comfortable working remotely for multiple days at a time can take some getting used to. If you’re looking for some content to make a little noise in your quiet house, check out our latest episodes of Secrets of Staffing Success or Lunch With Haley webinars.

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