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Episode 31
Best of 2018

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2018 was a great year for our show.  We were lucky enough to have some of the best, most innovative minds in the staffing and recruiting industry share their Secrets of Staffing Success.  Included in our Best of 2018 are:

What do staffing firms need to do today to prepare for 2019?  It’s just one of the many topics we cover with staffing industry consultant Amy Bingham from Bingham Consultant Professionals.  I also ask Amy:

  • What metrics should staffing owners be looking at when evaluating their internal team?
  • What should the staffing industry be doing to find the next crop of young talent?
  • What are some of the most important characteristics staffing owners and managers need if they are going to scale their business in 2019?
  • What’s the staffing industry’s biggest threat in 2019?
  • What’s the staffing industry’s biggest opportunity in 2019?

To find out more about Amy check out

Things have been good in the staffing industry for a long time.  How long will it last?  That’s just one of the topics we cover with Barry Asin from Staffing Industry Analysts.  We also discuss:

  • The current gig economy is at 3.7 trillion.  How much higher can we expect that to go or are we looking at a coming downfall?
  • What can the staffing industry do to combat unemployment numbers that are less than 1%?
  • Is the cloud gig economy a threat or an opportunity for the industry?
  • Where do VR and AI fit into the staffing industry?
  • What should staffing firms be doing today to prepare for the next 2-3 years?

To find out more about SIA visit their website:

Most staffing firms have two distinct audiences, clients and candidates.  But how many have two distinct brands for those audiences?  In this episode we’ll talk with Michael Menzer about the importance of developing a recruitment brand.  We’ll also discuss:

  • Why is employee engagement critical to the success of a staffing firm?
  • How can staffing firms measure their employee engagement?
  • What’s the biggest mistake staffing firms make when it comes to handling their internal staff?

For more information on Michael and Staffing The Universe family of companies visit their website:

Just because you’ve been in business for a long time doesn’t mean you should lose your startup mentality.  Chase Dawson from JCD Staffing joins us to discuss:

  • When was the moment he realized he wasn’t a startup anymore (check the title for a hint!)
  • How did he get through those “uh-oh” moments in the early days of JCD
  • The difficulty introducing yourself to a new marketplace
  • And what he knows now that he wish he knew 3 years ago

Plus, Chase will play our first version of Rapid Fire.  To find out more about JCD Staffing visit

When it comes to innovative practices to help you stand out, not many people are doing it better than Hamilton-Ryker.  CEO Kelly McCreight joins us to talk about how his company is using Virtual Reality training to help their candidates prepare for the job site.  We’ll also discuss:

  • How bad is the skill gap?
  • What can staffing firms do to help close the gap?
  • How can staffing firms help make their candidates more marketable?
  • How staffing firms can build trust with their clients

If you’d like to learn more about Hamilton-Ryker you can visit them at:

Texting has quickly become a valuable tool to help staffing and recruiting firms stay in touch with candidates.  Brad Herrmann joins us to discuss:

  • Best and worst practices for using text based communications
  • How texting is changing operations for staffing firms
  • Regulations and rules for texting candidates
  • Brad’s value based leadership philosphy and how it can help any company

For more information about Call-Em-All visit:  And be sure to follow Brad on Twitter @brad_herrmann.

Have you ever been afraid to tell a client they need to offer more to find better candidate?  That’s just one of the topics we cover with our guest Will Thomson from Bulls Eye Recruiting.  We’ll also discuss:

  • How a blog turned into a successful recruiting firm
  • How does a recruiting model change during times like this
  • The role social media plays in recruiting
  • What will the recruiting industry look like in 2-3 years

Fore more information on Bulls Eye Recruiting visit:

In part 2 of our listener Q&A Brad Smith and I answer your staffing and marketing related questions including…

  • How can I bring my out of date website into 2018?
  • What traits set apart successful staffing owners?
  • What are the latest recruitment marketing trends?
  • How will Alexa and Google Home Assistant fit into the staffing landscape?
  • and what are the biggest marketing mistakes a staffing firm can make?

You can check out part 1 here.

Be sure to follow Brad on Twitter @bradsmith14  and our show @StaffingPodcast.

A very special episode of Secrets of Staffing Success, where we take your question!  I’m joined by Brad Smith our Director of SEO & Social Media.  Some of the questions we tackle in this episode…

  • What are the three most important areas we need to focus on for successful SEO program?
  • In the past 6 months our website traffic is up but our applications to our job board are down.  What should we be looking at to help increase our applications?
  • When is the best time to publish a blog post? When is the best time to post on social media?
  • When looking at Google Analytics, what are the most important metrics you should look at?

Don’t forget to check back for Part 2 in two weeks!

An interesting conversation with Mike Houston from Opti Staffing.  Mike’s goal is to “pull back the curtain” on the recruiting industry.  We’ll talk about how he’s going about doing that.  Plus…

  • How Mike has been able to differentiate his firm in a crowded marketplace
  • His overall approach to marketing a recruiting firm
  • The challenge of finding passive candidates
  • The genesis of his “Fit Factor” campaign and how it helps them stand out
  • and, after 30 years in the industry, where does Mike go for inspiration

If you’d like to learn more about Opti Staffing visit

In our conversation with Sunil Bagai from Crowdstaffing we discuss the future of technology and automation in the staffing industry.  Including:

  • How staffing firms can innovate and still keep the personal connection with candidates and clients
  • Potential draw backs to the “human cloud”
  • How technology can help find passive candidates
  • and is there a fear that technology will make staffing firms obsolete?

For more information on Crowdstaffing check out their website:  And be sure to follow Sunil on Twitter @BagaiSunil.

Leigh Ann Pagnard joins us for an exciting conversation about what staffing firms should be doing to dominate the second half of 2018.  Among the topics we discuss:

  • What should staffing firms be doing to make for a better candidate experience?
  • What’s the biggest myth about the staffing industry that still exists?
  • What are some areas that staffing and recruiting firms should be looking at for their mid year assessments?
  • What are some of your best tactics for attracting passive candidates?

To connect with Leigh Ann you can visit her LinkedIn profile.

Episode 18
“Be Greedy” with Scott Wintrip

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Staffing industry strategist, speaker and author Scott Wintrip joins us on this episode.  Scott has 30 years of experience helping staffing and recruiting firms reach their highest potential.  In this episode we discuss:

  • What the staffing industry is doing really well right now
  • The biggest change coming in the next 2 years you should be preparing for now
  • Why candidates need to be marketed to as much as clients
  • Why your prospects care about your product, not your process
  • and the one piece of advice for all staffing sales reps

We also talk about Scott’s new book High Velocity Hiring. You can order the book here.

We’re joined this week by Eric Goodwin from Goodwin Recruiting.  In this episode Eric and I discuss:

  • The big decision Eric made to leave hospitality and start his own recruiting firm
  • Why failure was not an option
  • Why Goodwin is bringing “integrity back” to recruiting
  • The challenges of diversifying Goodwin Recruiting beyond hospitality
  • How automation will affect the recruiting industry

To find out more about Goodwin Recruiting visit:

We’re very excited to speak with Mike Cleland, founder of Charted Path and author of “Breaking Through: Leadership Disciplines from Top Performing Staffing Firms”.  In this episode Mike and I discuss:

  • The biggest mistake staffing leaders make
  • Biggest key to sustained growth for staffing firms
  • Is metrics based management a double edged sword?
  • How staffing firms can improve internal staff turnover
  • Why the staffing industry needs to be proud of what they do and use it to their advantage
  • Scalable practices for firms looking to grow in the next 2-3 years
  • Is automation a threat to the staffing industry?

I also answer your marketing questions.  If you have a marketing related question you’d like us to discuss on a future episode please email me at [email protected].

Laurie Hyllberg, vice president of Kinsa Group is our guest this week.  Kinsa Group is a Wisconsin-based recruiting firm that specializes in the food and beverage industry.  In this episode Laurie and I discuss:

  • Their process for finding the “ideal” candidate
  • Challenges she has faced recruiting millenials
  • The importance of tailoring your message to various audiences
  • Success her recruiters have had using social media
  • And the best piece of career advice she ever received

If you’d like to know more about Kinsa Group you can visit their website at

Angela Chambers President and Managing Partner of Mercer Bradley joins us to talk about:

  • The importance of social media to their firms success
  • How internal staff training has helped with turnover
  • What advice she would give a younger version of herself
  • and what might be my favorite pearl of wisdom

If you’d like more information about Mercer Bradley you can check them out at

David and Marty Luttrell owners of 32 AtWork Personnel Services franchises join us for our first new episode of 2018.  In this episode we’ll discuss:

  • Their most successful growth strategy
  • The challenges that come with working with your brother
  • Outlook for LI staffing in 2018
  • What advice they would give a younger version of themselves

If you’d like to learn more about about AtWork Personnel Services please visit:

Episode 12
Best of 2017

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It’s been an amazing 11 episodes!  We are so thankful for all of our guests and listeners.  While we prepare brand new episodes we thought you might like to hear some of the best advice and insights from our 2017 episodes.

We’re thankful for everyone who has been a guest and a listener.  If you would like to subscribe to Secrets of Staffing Success just select your favorite method below.

David Searns our president and CEO joins us for a great conversation about marketing for the staffing industry.  Among the topics we discuss:

  • The biggest reason marketing fails
  • Common misconceptions about marketing
  • What’s the biggest threat to the industry in 2018
  • David’s secrets to hiring a great team

If you’d like to learn more about Haley Marketing visit:

Matt Kolinski (USA Staffing Services) joins us to talk about his unique business model.  We’ll also discuss:

  • What kind of challenges did this unique business model present?
  • What does he wish staffing firms did more of?
  • The #1 piece of advice he would give entrepreneurs or start ups in the staffing industry
  • Does he consider marketing a cost center or an investment center?
  • and what’s the biggest opportunity for staffing in 2018?

If you’d like to learn more about USA Staffing Services please visit:

Chris Rickerson (Elite Staffing Solutions) joins us to talk about his unique and inspiring journey to CEO of a multi-million dollar staffing firm.  We’ll discuss…

  • Growing up in a home with a drug addicted mother
  • Chris’s own battles with substance abuse
  • How his faith helped him turn his life around
  • Why his firm doesn’t hesitate to hire those with similar backgrounds to Chris’s
  • The keys to Elite Staffing Solutions rapid growth

This is an episode you won’t want to miss!

If you’d like to know more about Elite Staffing Solutions go to

We take a detour from talking with staffing owners and executives to chat with Tom Erb from Tallann Resources.  Tom and I discuss:

  • The #1 mistake most staffing firms make
  • What separates a $2 million staffing firm from a $20 million?
  • What can staffing firms do to improve their internal recruiting?
  • What are the biggest threats and opportunities for the staffing industry over the next year?
  • and what are the key metrics that every staffing firm should pay attention to?

To find out more about Tallann Resources please visit:

Jason Leverant (AtWork Personnel Services) joins us to talk about some of the challenges he faces in managing 100 branches.  We’ll also discuss…

  • The growing pains associated with being one of the fastest growing staffing firms
  • How to balance what’s best for the company and still keep the franchises happy
  • The biggest roadblock to continued growth
  • A lesson he learned from early mistakes

If you’d like to find out more about AtWork just visit

Brian Hatfield, Director of Recruitment at Cornerstone Staffing Solutions, joins us to discuss:

  • The biggest lesson he’s learned in staffing (hint: it has to do with the title of this episode)
  • The importance of social media to the sales AND recruiting side of the business
  • Why the Cornerstone Cares initiative has become so important to the Cornerstone team
  • Where does he turn for inspiration (this was my favorite answer)
  • How top grading has helped develop their team

For more information on Brian and Cornerstone visit:

“The biggest challenge in staffing in the future is going to be how to find that balance where you can automate that transaction without it becoming so robotic that people end up wasting their time with bad candidates.”

David Stemm

David Stemm from Principle Personnel Group joins us to share his Secrets of Staffing Success. In this episode we’ll talk with David about…

  • How their on-boarding program helps differentiate them with candidates and clients
  • Growing pains they’ve experienced as they have expanded throughout Florida
  • Advice he would give a young version of himself
  • and the need to balance technology and direct human interaction with the young generation of talent

You can find out more about Principle here:

Les Hoffman and Chad Blomberg from Case Staffing Solutions join us to talk about what “The Case Way” has meant to their firm’s success. We’ll also discuss…

  • How they have avoided the dreaded “commodity” word over 35 years in staffing
  • The importance of internal staff retention
  • The most important enhancement to their candidate experience
  • How they have been able to integrate sales and marketing
  • The single best technology investment they have made

You can check out more about Case at

Tim Bleich (Vector Technical) joins us to share his experiences from 25 years in the staffing industry. We’ll discuss…

  • The biggest change in the staffing industry in the past 25 years
  • Vector’s PAR Excellence program
  • Tim’s best method for finding great talent
  • How social media has helped Vector stand out in their market
  • Does Tim see ACA as a roadblock or opportunity for success?

Please check out for more information on Tim and Vector Technical Inc.

In this episode we are joined by Drew Golin from OTS Holdings who talks about the challenges of managing multiple companies under the same umbrella. We’ll also discuss…

  • The two influential women in his life
  • Why selling their company was the best decision they ever made
  • How their training program helps them attract the top talent
  • Their game changing app for candidates
  • and Drew’s thoughts on the biggest threat to the staffing industry

You can find out more about Drew at OTS at

Welcome to the debut episode of Secrets of Staffing Success from Haley Marketing Group! We kick things off with a bang with one of the best thought leaders in staffing, Jenifer Lambert from Terra Staffing Group. In this episode we discuss…

  • How Terra Staffing has been able to differentiate themselves over 34 years in staffing
  • What are the key metrics staffing firms should be evaluating?
  • Jenifer’s best methods for finding great talent
  • Top tips for writing compelling job postings
  • The steps Terra Staffing takes to alleviate internal staff turnover
  • and what advice would Jenifer give a young Jenifer just starting out in the staffing industry