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Each episode, we interview staffing firm owners and industry leaders to evaluate their best practices, unique differentiators, and tricks of the trade that deliver world-class performance.

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David Searns our president and CEO joins us for a great conversation about marketing for the staffing industry.  Among the topics we discuss:

  • The biggest reason marketing fails
  • Common misconceptions about marketing
  • What’s the biggest threat to the industry in 2018
  • David’s secrets to hiring a great team

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Matt Kolinski (USA Staffing Services) joins us to talk about his unique business model.  We’ll also discuss:

  • What kind of challenges did this unique business model present?
  • What does he wish staffing firms did more of?
  • The #1 piece of advice he would give entrepreneurs or start ups in the staffing industry
  • Does he consider marketing a cost center or an investment center?
  • and what’s the biggest opportunity for staffing in 2018?

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Chris Rickerson (Elite Staffing Solutions) joins us to talk about his unique and inspiring journey to CEO of a multi-million dollar staffing firm.  We’ll discuss…

  • Growing up in a home with a drug addicted mother
  • Chris’s own battles with substance abuse
  • How his faith helped him turn his life around
  • Why his firm doesn’t hesitate to hire those with similar backgrounds to Chris’s
  • The keys to Elite Staffing Solutions rapid growth

This is an episode you won’t want to miss!

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We take a detour from talking with staffing owners and executives to chat with Tom Erb from Tallann Resources.  Tom and I discuss:

  • The #1 mistake most staffing firms make
  • What separates a $2 million staffing firm from a $20 million?
  • What can staffing firms do to improve their internal recruiting?
  • What are the biggest threats and opportunities for the staffing industry over the next year?
  • and what are the key metrics that every staffing firm should pay attention to?

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Jason Leverant (AtWork Personnel Services) joins us to talk about some of the challenges he faces in managing 100 branches.  We’ll also discuss…

  • The growing pains associated with being one of the fastest growing staffing firms
  • How to balance what’s best for the company and still keep the franchises happy
  • The biggest roadblock to continued growth
  • A lesson he learned from early mistakes

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Brian Hatfield, Director of Recruitment at Cornerstone Staffing Solutions, joins us to discuss:

  • The biggest lesson he’s learned in staffing (hint: it has to do with the title of this episode)
  • The importance of social media to the sales AND recruiting side of the business
  • Why the Cornerstone Cares initiative has become so important to the Cornerstone team
  • Where does he turn for inspiration (this was my favorite answer)
  • How top grading has helped develop their team

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“The biggest challenge in staffing in the future is going to be how to find that balance where you can automate that transaction without it becoming so robotic that people end up wasting their time with bad candidates.”

David Stemm

David Stemm from Principle Personnel Group joins us to share his Secrets of Staffing Success. In this episode we’ll talk with David about…

  • How their on-boarding program helps differentiate them with candidates and clients
  • Growing pains they’ve experienced as they have expanded throughout Florida
  • Advice he would give a young version of himself
  • and the need to balance technology and direct human interaction with the young generation of talent

You can find out more about Principle here:

Les Hoffman and Chad Blomberg from Case Staffing Solutions join us to talk about what “The Case Way” has meant to their firm’s success. We’ll also discuss…

  • How they have avoided the dreaded “commodity” word over 35 years in staffing
  • The importance of internal staff retention
  • The most important enhancement to their candidate experience
  • How they have been able to integrate sales and marketing
  • The single best technology investment they have made

You can check out more about Case at

Tim Bleich (Vector Technical) joins us to share his experiences from 25 years in the staffing industry. We’ll discuss…

  • The biggest change in the staffing industry in the past 25 years
  • Vector’s PAR Excellence program
  • Tim’s best method for finding great talent
  • How social media has helped Vector stand out in their market
  • Does Tim see ACA as a roadblock or opportunity for success?

Please check out for more information on Tim and Vector Technical Inc.

In this episode we are joined by Drew Golin from OTS Holdings who talks about the challenges of managing multiple companies under the same umbrella. We’ll also discuss…

  • The two influential women in his life
  • Why selling their company was the best decision they ever made
  • How their training program helps them attract the top talent
  • Their game changing app for candidates
  • and Drew’s thoughts on the biggest threat to the staffing industry

You can find out more about Drew at OTS at

Welcome to the debut episode of Secrets of Staffing Success from Haley Marketing Group! We kick things off with a bang with one of the best thought leaders in staffing, Jenifer Lambert from Terra Staffing Group. In this episode we discuss…

  • How Terra Staffing has been able to differentiate themselves over 34 years in staffing
  • What are the key metrics staffing firms should be evaluating?
  • Jenifer’s best methods for finding great talent
  • Top tips for writing compelling job postings
  • The steps Terra Staffing takes to alleviate internal staff turnover
  • and what advice would Jenifer give a young Jenifer just starting out in the staffing industry