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A Sweet Way to Thank Clients and Candidates

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“We appreciate you.”

It’s an extremely important sentiment, especially during a time when customer loyalty is being tested every day. If you’re looking for a great way to:

  • send a special “thank you” to a valued client
  • recognize the exceptional effort a temporary associate showed while on assignment
  • reward an internal employee for their hard work and achievements

Try Sugarwish!

Sugarwish is a gift company that really gets customer experience. They’ve created a virtual store where your gift recipients use their prepaid e-giftcard to shop for all types of sweet treats, gourmet popcorn and more. Once they’re done shopping, Sugarwish packs their selections into a cute gift box and ships it to their doorstep.

The concept works well for staffing and recruiting firms for several reasons:

  • You can customize the size of the gift (i.e., the denomination of the online gift card) so it matches your budget and the situation.
  • Your recipients can choose their favorite gift, right from their phone or computer.
  • Sugarwish takes care of the packaging, shipping and delivery – making it easy to show your appreciation to clients, associates or employees, regardless of where they live.
  • They have custom and branded gift options, too (which we, as a marketing firm, love).

This past Valentine’s Day we treated each member of our remote writing team to a Sugarwish for their hard work. It was simple to do, very much appreciated by our writers – and we were amazed by what we received in return!

Yep, we got a gift, too.

Remember when I said Sugarwish really gets customer experience? In addition to delivering a fun shopping experience and great product for our writers, they also gave us an amazing gift: dozens of thank you messages, all displayed on a digital “Gratitude Board.” Like our reputation management services, Sugarwish built an automatic feedback loop into their process (prompting recipients to type a quick thank you note), which delivered an unexpected and truly delightful gift for us.

Turn your customers into kids in a candy store.

Whether you use Sugarwish, a handwritten “thank you” note or some other form of appreciation, make a habit of showing your gratitude. Simple acts of kindness make clients, associates and employees feel amazing – like kids in a candy store. And that’s what Shareworthy Service is all about.

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