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AI Is Disrupting Staffing Customer Service. Here’s How to Prepare

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Product recommendations. Visual searches. Virtual assistants.

Artificial intelligence has already changed the game in competitive customer-facing industries like retail. The reason is simple: Customer experience is everything.

AI’s ability to improve service experience is so transformative that a recent survey showed:

  • AI customer service technologies are the second most common use of AI (behind IT).
  • The field predicted to attract the biggest AI investment in 2020 is AI-powered customer service agents ($4.5 billion).

AI is disrupting customer service in every industry – including ours. As its role in staffing service delivery expands, will your firm master AI – or fall victim to it?

It’s up to you!

Here are three areas in which you should prime your team, tech and processes to come out on top – and capitalize on the disruption:

Integrate chatbots.

Across industries, humans and AI-based bots are working together to optimize interactions with customers. Collaboration can be applied in two primary ways: for the augmentation of human intelligence and the enhancement of human capacity. Your candidates want real-time feedback. Employers want to be served the information they need, without having to cull your website. AI and service process automation tools make it easier for you to meet those heightened service expectations.

In this post, I share four ways your staffing firm should be using chatbots and tools like autoresponders and automated interview reminders to improve CX, customer satisfaction and recruiting results.

Investigate the feasibility of virtual career fairs.

The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation, forcing people to work – and recruit – remotely. As the U.S. economy reopens and job opportunities increase, talented people may be less inclined to attend crowded hiring events. AI can be used to facilitate robust virtual career fairs:

  • building connections between job seekers and your recruiters
  • transforming the candidate job-search experience in terms of safety, speed and convenience
  • giving you huge recruiting advantages

As technology improves and more providers enter the market, virtual career fairs will become more widely adopted. Investigate the tools and platforms available now to get a jump on the competition.

Get ready for Natural Language Processing.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the ability of computer software to understand language used in the natural form – written text or speech – and then use that understanding to derive analytical insights. NLP technologies enable companies to gain granular insights (by understanding the emotions of individual customers) as well as high-level perspectives (by keeping their finger on the pulse of their customer base’s opinions).

While applications within the staffing industry are still under development, I see opportunities for using NLP analysis to:

  • improve the performance of chatbots and widen their applications
  • automate online reviews for complaints, to help firms proactively address  issues and speed service resolution

Disruption. Evolution. Transformation.

However you choose to describe it, change is coming at you, and your customers, faster than ever. By staying on top of the ways AI is revolutionizing customer service, you’ll be poised to effectively manage, and even capitalize on, what comes next.

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