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Time to Topgrade? Why Now is the Best Time to Attract the Best Talent to Your Company

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There is real opportunity right now for staffing companies to attract and recruit exceptional talent for direct hire clients. With unemployment at staggering levels, there is talent on the market that simply hasn’t been looking for new jobs for the last 10+ years.  

This means it is the perfect time to topgradeTopgrading is a recruiting term developed by Brad Smart. According to Topgrading.com, it is “the practice ofidentifying, hiring, promoting, and retaining high performers in the organization at every salary level.” By helping your clients topgrade, you provide strategic value in helping them create an exceptional workforce.  

Your staffing and recruiting firm can deliver this strategic value by providing those needle-in-the-haystack candidates, but competition will be fierce. You must be able to stand out for all the right reasons to attract A-level candidates, and standing out means building your employer brand.    

What is Your Employer Brand?  

Employer branding refers to the way your staffing company is perceived by employees and candidates in the market. What is your reputation among your workers? What do people think about your firm, and how do they feel about working for you? Is it a place they would recommend to a friend? 

Whether you know it or not, you already have an employer brand. Employees feel a specific way about your staffing company, and many have probably shared that feeling online and with friends and colleagues. To build a strong employer brand, it is important to actively manage that brand rather than letting your reputation take on a life of its own. 

Why Should You Manage Your Employer Brand?  

Two-thirds of people on LinkedIn research a company before applying for a job. What are they looking for? They want to know what’s in it for them. If they don’t find things that make them feel good about applying, they will move on to another job.  

According to Glassdoor, 69 percent of people are likely to apply to a job if the employer actively manages its employer brand.  There are several ways to do that: 

  • On your company website  
  • Via social media 
  • Traditional marketing and advertising  
  • Cultivating a great culture from within 
  • Building a strong communication strategy with your talent network 
  • Actively managing your reputation on review sites  

As you think about building your employer brand, it’s important to remember that it will require a mix of strategies and tactics. The key is to create consistency so that every time a potential candidate sees your company online or in the community, they receive the same message.  

The ROI of Employer Branding  

Staffing companies with an established, positive employer brand simply do not have to recruit as hard because their reputation precedes them. Employee and associate referrals are also likely to increase when your staffing company has an established brand. Current employees, current associates, and happily placed candidates will act as ambassadors if they have excellent experiences with you.  

The attitude of current and past employees creates a cycle that pays for itself. Happy people share positive experiences which strengthens the brand. Those ambassadors make it easier to recruit. Those new recruits share their positive experiences, which strengthens the brand and so on.  

Are You Ready To Build Your Employer Brand?  

Haley Marketing is here to help. Contact our team today to learn more about the ways we can help you build a strong recruitment marketing program so that you are poised to help your clients fill their most critical job openings with exceptional talent.  

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