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Indeed Hiring Insights Are Free Through September; Here’s How You Should Use Them

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Traditionally, companies need to have Featured Employer status or a Resume Professional Subscription with Indeed to receive access to the Indeed Hiring Insights.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic made a huge impact on the recruitment industry, Indeed has made its Hiring Insights product free to all companies. Most recently, it decided to provide free access through the end of September.

What Is Indeed Hiring Insights?

Like any website, especially websites with a lot of traffic, Indeed collects a large amount of data. For Indeed, that means user behavior when searching for jobs. When this data gets organized, it can prove to be very valuable for companies looking to improve their job postings, specially if a data management service gets used, click here for further information.

Let’s say you are a healthcare staffing company in southern California, you can look at surgical technologists in Los Angeles for any month. Or maybe you are a warehouse staffing agency in Oklahoma. You can look at forklift drivers in Tulsa, OK.

What are some examples of the data shared in a report? (users can look at data from any period of a calendar month)

  • Competition Score: this score is on a scale of 100, with the higher score meaning more competition.
  • Jobs: how many jobs were posted with that title (or a similar title) in the region during the calendar month.
  • Job Seekers: how many Indeed users clicked on jobs for your search in the geographic market in the past month
  • Job Seekers Per Job: divides the number of job seekers by the number of jobs
  • Candidate Devices: how many clicks are coming from mobile vs. desktop
  • Employers: how many companies are posting jobs on Indeed for this job type in the geographic region
  • Search Terms by Clicks: this is extremely important – which job titles are getting the most clicks. The data in this box shows which job titles are getting the most engagement. It’s the perfect data to use for adjusting your job titles.
  • Resumes and Resumes Added/Updated: how many resumes does Indeed have in its system for the job type in that geographic region. On those same lines, how many job seekers added or updated their resume in for this job and geography.

What Does a Sample Report Look Like?

When you create a report and download the PDF, Indeed provides a multiple-page document with all of the information. Click on the PDF below to view the whole report.


This report shows a lot of the data mentioned above, on top of some other data. You’ll see which companies are getting the most clicks, education and experience level of the resumes in Indeed’s database, the most common employers listed in the resumes and most common locations listed on resumes in the database.

Notice the trends on the first page – this shows a linear graph for the past quarter of job seekers per job, job seekers, jobs and employers.

What to Do with the Data?

Data is great but we need a plan and must know what to do with it.

Here’s how I would leverage the Hiring Insights reports from Indeed:

  1. Look at the competition score. This score uses Indeed’s algorithm to determine how competitive this job is in this market. You probably have a good idea but it can provide valuable data to take back to your clients and show them a hard-to-fill job is rated as a 90 out of 100 on Indeed.
  2. Analyze the Top Search Teams by Clicks. With nearly every client I work with in managing their recruitment spend (and even in prospect calls), a common question is “what feedback or recommendations do you have on our job descriptions?” This data from Indeed is direct feedback on what people are clicking on when they get search results on Indeed.
  3. Know the Job Seekers Per Job: Again, this can help you with your clients and it also can help you with determining which jobs to sponsor. If there are a lot of job seekers per job, then it should be an easier-to-fill job. However, if the number is low, that job becomes harder to fill and you should consider other strategies.

Yes, Indeed isn’t the only place to get this information. But it’s a reliable source as Indeed gets more traffic from job seekers than any other job boards on the Internet.

Use Indeed Hiring Insights to your advantage, especially when it’s FREE, to learn how to improve your strategy in your job postings.

And if you need help with managing your recruitment marketing or recruitment spend, Haley Marketing is here to help. Contact us to learn more!

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