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The Benefits of Using Branded Content in a Nurture Marketing Campaign

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Content marketing is an incredibly broad category, covering countless strategies, campaigns, and tactics.

Nurture marketing is one such subset, and today we’ll take a look at the behind-the-scenes of this campaign.

As I recently wrote in this post for Mamu Media, nurture marketing promotes relevant content based on the behavior of your lead. Ultimately the goal is to provide information while encouraging prospects to take some sort of next step.  

The communications sent in this type of campaign are based on actions – if a lead attends a webinar, for example, your next step might be to send an invite for a free consultation.

Nurture marketing depends both on understanding your audience and distributing timely, relevant content.

The Benefits of Nurture Marketing

Regardless of your industry, sharing valuable branded content positions you as a thought leader.

Other benefits of nurture marketing include:

  • Build rapport with your candidates  
  • Establish trust with new leads  
  • Deepen relationships with existing clients 

Encourage new and existing clients alike to move further down your sales funnel with prompt communication that inspires better relationships and greater understanding.

How to Use Branded Content in Your Messaging

Simply pasting your logo on an email newsletter might not be the best tactic to strengthen your brand reputation.

Offer your help.

Clients may not know what their next step should be – ask if there’s any way you can be of assistance. 

Focus on the future.

There is little certainty in decisions being made right now – provide reassurance in tangible forms like case studies and testimonials. 

Engage better.

Your clients’ inboxes are likely flooded with generic CTA’s and fly-ins – find a way to better tailor your messages to your clients’ specific needs 

With in-person selling temporarily sidelined, trust and relationship building are crucial to successful sales.

Ready to get started?

Haley Marketing is here to help you drive sales through better relationships – contact us today to learn more about how a nurture marketing campaign can fit into your marketing strategy.

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