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What is Branded Content for Staffing Agencies?

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Branded content serves an important purpose in your marketing strategy – it’s not just a content marketing buzzword. 

Sowhat is it?

Magazines, blogs, newsletters, videos – anything you consider “content” is fair gameHowever, creating branded content is a bit more sophisticated than slapping your logo on an email.  

Above all, good branded content is about providing value to your potential clients.  

Yes, branded content is about driving sales – but the content itself shouldn’t be about sales. Very few people are interested in viewing your pricing matrix immediately upon finding your company.  

Set yourself apart from the competition by offering thoughtful insight or providing answers to burning questions. 

Your readers should be able to see for themselves why you’re the top choice in your industry: If you’re this knowledgeable on topics beyond your own services, certainly you’re an expert in what you do! 

Other questions to ask yourself: 

What’s my company’s voice? 

Consistency in this aspect is key. Is your company warm? Funny? Sassy? 

What’s the best medium? 

Do your clients receive dozens of e-mail newsletters a day? If so, you might consider sharing branded content as a short-form video or a social media post. 

Who is my target audience? 

Where do your clients spend their time? Online? Offline? Make sure you push your content to the right channels (and don’t doubt the power of print.)

Is it evergreen? 

Timeliness isn’t necessarily a disqualifying factor of branded content, but evergreen content can be used again and again – which is also great for SEO.

What’s the point? 

No matter your industry, branded content allows you to position your company as a thought leader. 

Encouraging your audience to engage with your brand through meaningful content fosters better relationships that lead to an interest in your company, and, in turn, better sales.  

In addition, branded content allows you to: 

  • Establish trust with new leads  
  • Personify your company through storytelling 
  • Increase brand visibility  

SMART Branded Content & How You Can Use It 

In February of this year, we were excited to welcome Mamu Media apart of the SMART Content division of Haley Marketing.  

SMART Content offers a multimedia approach to content marketing, ultimately creating touch points where your audience needs them most. 

It leverages print and digital marketing to create a powerful, turnkey content marketing program built to increase brand visibility, improve relationships, and close more sales this summer – and beyond! 

For more information on how SMART Content can fit into your marketing strategy, contact us or visit our SMART Content home page today!


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