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Why Print Marketing Still Matters

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While print marketing isn’t as popular as it used to be, it’s far from dead – less saturation in the market gives you the perfect opportunity to stand out and stay top-of-mind!

I recently published this post for Mamu Media, in which I break down the facts surrounding the status of print marketing. Here’s what you need to know.

The Facts

In 2015, Temple University conducted a study exploring the the differences in effects created by digital versus print advertising.

Print advertising had the advantage in: 

  • Review Time (time spent with the ad) 
  • Memory Speed & Confidence 
  • Stimulation (emotional response) 
  • Desirability 
  • Valuation

Participants viewing the print ad showed more activity in the ventral striatum – the part of the brain responsible for valuation and desirability.  

Combine this with our facts on why we still believe in print marketing 

  • 82% of consumers trust print ads (newspapers, magazines) more when making purchase decisions (1) 
  • The average household gets only 2 pieces of direct mail a day compared to 157 emails (2)
  • 80-90% of direct mail gets opened, compared to 20-30% of email (3) 
  • The combined category of catalog & direct mail saw customer response increase by 43% in 2016 (4) 
  • Customer magazines increase brand loyalty by 32% (5) 
  • 44% of consumers who receive a magazine take some form of positive action as a result of the magazine” (5) 

…and it’s easy to see print’s doing just fine.

Wondering how to incorporate print into your marketing strategy?

1. Utilize a marketing mix.

The enduring power of print combined with prevalence of digital results in a powerful media combination.

2. Let others toot your horn.

Use print as a platform to showcase how you’ve solved client problems.

3. Make your clients famous.

Featuring clients in your print media not only shows appreciation but also allows you to reap the full benefits of Idea #2.

4. Appeal to the coupon clippers.

A purchase incentive is a powerful attention-grabber and call to action for your clients.

Interested in incorporating print into your marketing strategy?

Contact Haley Marketing today to get started!

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