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Optimizing Marketing Spend to Survive a Massive Revenue Loss: A Case Study in Shareworthy Service

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Shareworthy Service is all about going above and beyond to consult with clients, understand their challenges, and develop solutions that benefit everyone involved. We recently had the opportunity to help one of our long-standing clients navigate a tough situation by marketing smarter.

The Challenge:

A mid-sized supply chain staffing firm faced an all-too-familiar challenge in this economy:

Surviving a massive (40+%) revenue loss.

This client has worked with us for many years; we’ve consulted with them on marketing strategy, websites, social media marketing, email marketing and direct mail campaigns. Over the course of our business relationship, this firm purchased other niche companies to build out their capabilities/divisions and cross-sell services to their clients, nationwide.

When the company took a massive revenue hit (more than 40%), they put great trust in our team’s expertise. Our client asked us for help to strategically align their marketing efforts and reduce short-term costs across the board.

This staffing firm knew they needed to continue marketing, but they weren’t sure exactly where they should continue spending – and where they could afford to make cuts. They asked us to advise them on where they should focus their efforts to maximize their marketing return on investment.

Service and Implementation:

Before making any recommendations, our digital marketing team knew we needed more information:

  1. We collected data on their current marketing activities.
  2. We had a candid, focused conversation to discuss the ROI and impact of each of this client’s current tactics (on both the sales and recruiting sides of their marketing), and then determine the immediate strategic value to getting their business moving again.
  3. We collected anecdotal information on the tactics that their internal team viewed as essential.

Our team then met separately to develop a proposal that:

  • addressed our client’s immediate financial issues
  • supported their internal team’s needs
  • outlined the marketing tactics that would provide the most immediate value

Finally, our digital marketing team recommended a temporary cut in recruitment marketing and organic social media activities. While these activities had proved to be a valuable long-term strategy, the short-term focus was shifted to paid advertising and email marketing to support the client’s sales team.


In the first month of implementation, we did see some loss in website traffic due to the reduction in candidate facing marketing; however, the more focused investment in direct marketing and advertising has proven to be effective at maintaining this staffing firm’s visibility in their market and creating more immediate leads for the sales team.

By working with our client as a true partner, we were able to help them demonstrate ROI to their internal stakeholders and align their budget for their short-term needs with an eye on the recovery. Even though it meant a smaller budget for the short-term, we built a stronger relationship with this valued, long-term client and set the stage for a faster recovery as the economy rebounds.

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