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Shareworthy Staffing Websites: Installment 1 of Our Series

Shareworthy Staffing Website by Haley Marketing Group Issue 1
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At Haley Marketing Group, we take pride in the work we do for our clients. So much so, we’ve decided to start a new series where we’ll highlight our most “shareworthy” websites. Not only will we share these websites with you, but we’ll also give you a snapshot of what it’s like to work with us, the results you can expect and how our team knocks it out of the park for our clients.

What makes a website shareworthy?

Well, let’s start from the top. When a client purchases a website* with us, they are assigned to their very own, what we like to call, “dream team” – which consists of a project manager, copywriter and designer/developer. This team works together with the shared goal to deliver a branded, accessible website that drives results.

These core strategies certainly generate shareworthy points in our book, but they are our guiding principles when working on any staffing website project. The list we’ve compiled below have been deemed shareworthy because we just can’t stop sharing them!

  1. Our first shareworthy staffing website is: Athlete Career PlacementAthlete Career Placement

    Scoring itself a spot on our shareworthy website roster by way of sports-related messaging, visual branding and overall user experience makes getting to know this start-up company a home run! … Get it?

    You’ll notice that the imagery evolves as you scroll down the pages of this site to represent the transition these athletes take from “the locker room to the conference room.”

    Here’s what our client had to say:
    “I believe that everyone on the team listened to our vision and delivered on that vision fantastically. Since the launch of the website coincides with the launch of our business having the correct identity was important to us. There was passion behind the project from the team and you can tell. The #1 reason I WOULD NOT recommend you is because I would want to keep you to ourselves and not arm our competition. Thank you for the great site, excited to see how we develop from here.”

  2. Our next shareworthy website is: The Cadre AgencyCadre Agency

    We’ve deemed this website shareworthy for its bold, bright and unique ability to accurately depict the vibrancy of this client’s spirit by way of their geolocation of Memphis, Tennessee through copy and design – and music!

    Upon first arriving to the site, what do you notice? Through use of visual, written and even audible techniques (like the blues music that plays on the homepage), our goal was to immerse a user engaging with this client’s site in the culture that means so much to their business.

    Here’s what this client had to say after the site went live:
    “Exceptional leadership throughout the process. The site is already getting positive feedback! Thanks Haley Marketing!”

  3. Our final shareworthy website in this first edition of our series is: Key Staffing, Inc.Key Staffing, Inc.

    The key to a shareworthy staffing website, in this case, is a key! Our team strategically pulled elements from this client’s logo, such as the key and cursive typography treatment, to make their branding come to life throughout the entire website.

    The content written and visual elements used are engaging and make digesting the information on every page fun and easy.

    Here’s what our client had to say about working with our team:
    “The Haley Marketing Team was great to work with. I threw in a couple last minute changes, and they had no problem taking care of that for me. I would absolutely recommend them to a friend. The team was patient with us and answered all of our questions.”

We hope you’ve enjoyed these staffing websites as much as we have creating them for our clients. Comment below with your favorite of the three shareworthy sites in this edition of Shareworthy Staffing Websites. And of course, check back next month to see more!

*This article showcases three of our starter websites.

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